Digital Projection Fusion Processors

Digital Projection International (DPI) has launched its new near-zero latency warp, blend, and network control solutions. The Fusion MD, Fusion 3D, and FusionNet solutions provide advanced single and multi-channel warp and blend processing for critical real-time applications that require low latency. All three products are compatible with DPI’s iVision, dVision, Titan, and Lightning projector lines.

In a system design, one Fusion MD or Fusion 3D processor is dedicated to each projector in an application. The input source for each projector loops through the related processor, then into the projector. FusionNet, a new network control application, provides complete access to adjustments for both the projectors and the processors, by way of a single window desktop application. Warp, blend and projector alignments, for as many channels as the application requires, are intuitive and precise.

Fusion MD is a high-bandwidth, near-zero latency processor for sources with resolution up to WUXGA (1920x1200) at 60Hz. It also outputs to projectors with native resolution up to WUXGA. There is no scaling in the Fusion MD processor, so optimally, the source input should match the native resolution of the projector. If the input resolution does not match the projector resolution, projector scaling can be applied after the required warp and blend has been achieved by the MD processor.

Fusion 3D is an extreme-bandwidth, near-zero latency processor for sources with resolution up to WQXGA (2560x1600) at 60Hz. It outputs to projectors with native resolution up to WQXGA and can provide near-zero latency warp and blend for sources up to WUXGA resolution at 120Hz. Like the MD model, there is no scaling.

FusionNet seamlessly integrates the operation of the processors and the DPI projectors they serve, ensuring large projector arrays can be expertly aligned on complex-geometry projection surfaces.

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