d&b audiotechnik ArrayCalcV6 software

d&b audiotechnik’s ArrayCalc simulation software for its line and subwoofer arrays has been updated with increased listening planes, arrays, and subwoofers. Version 6 also adds various functions, including a selection of excitation signals—sine, 1/3 octave filtered noise, or pink noise—for the simulation of the sound level distribution and absolute sound pressure level. This simulation includes frequency, temperature, and humidity-dependent air absorption. Loudspeaker types are now an exact model of the real system, with all available settings such as Line/Arc, CUT, HFC, or INFRA. For all arrays and their individual elements, the system headroom before gain reduction (GR) is calculated to obtain realistic and reproducible results.

The 3D Plot SPL level mapping calculates and displays the energy level summation of all activated arrays at chosen frequency bands for all selected listening areas, with an optional complex summation (showing interference) in the LF band. The mapping diagram offers isometric views and can be zoomed. An auto-calculate function restarts the simulation with every acoustic relevant system design change, displaying a low-resolution result and refreshing with increasing resolution until the calculation is complete.

A new align tab adds an alignment procedure that allows for time-alignment of arrays, fills, delays, and ground stacks at a selectable test point. The auto-scale function of the arrival time display helps the precision of the alignment of the array arrivals. This page also displays the SubArray alignment, with its own test point in order to visualize all changes occurring during the alignment process.

The new ArrayCalc V6 is available for download from the company’s website in the support/downloads section.

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