Audix Debuts Holiday Season Promotional Bundles & Special Offers

Portland, OR — Audix, the acclaimed manufacturer of superior quality microphones and headphones, is very pleased to announce a number of promotional bundles as well as special promotional percentages off on their range of microphone products for the holiday season, available through your local Audix dealers and retailers in the U.S. and worldwide.

These special offers include:

· Audix customers who purchase a studio microphone, including the ADX51, A131, A133,  A231, SCX1, SCX10, SCX1HC, SCX1MP , SCX25A, SCX25APS piano pair, SCX25AMP pair, and the PDX720 Signature edition studio microphone will receive a free pair of Audix professional studio headphones. (Offer available in the US only, valid until Dec 15, 2023, limited supplies and availability)

·Customers can receive 15% off their purchase of selected Audix drum mics and drum packs during the promotional period, including the i5 all-purpose professional instrument mic, the DP7 seven-piece drum mic package, DP7 Micro, the DP5A five-piece drum mic package, DP5 Micro and DP Elite 8 eight- piece drum microphone package. (Offer available worldwide, valid until Dec 15, 2023.)

·And when purchasing a pair of two of select Audix studio mics, including the A131, A133, A231 and the SCX25A, customers will be eligible to get 15% discount. (Offer available worldwide, valid until Dec 15, 2023.)

·For the Audix OM Series vocal mics, including the OM2, the OM5 and the OM7 professional dynamic vocal microphones, special promotional pricing will be offered. (Offer available worldwide, valid until Dec 15th.)

·Audix will be offering special OM Series microphone and A10 Series earphone combination boxed sets, including the OM3 and A10 Combo Kit and OM5 professional dynamic vocal microphone and A10X combo kit, with promotional pricing offered for Black Friday. (Available worldwide, starting November 1st, limited supplies and availability.)

Visit your local Audix dealer for more information.

About Audix

Audix began in 1984 and to this day their mission remains unchanged – to design, engineer and manufacture high‐quality microphones for the professional audio, live sound, recording and installation markets. With passion and ingenuity, the company strives to provide their customers with products that exceed expectations. The company’s headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon is home for their research and development team, combined with an in‐house manufacturing facility. From concept to completion, the company prides itself on having high-performing products and a loyal customer base.

About Videndum Media Solutions

Videndum Media Solutions is a division of Videndum plc, an international group of companies serving customers in the growing content creation market. Videndum Media Solutions designs, manufactures, and distributes premium branded photographic and video equipment such as tripods; bags; filters; backgrounds; motion control; lights and microphones for professional and hobbyist photographers and video-makers; and content creators. Positioning Videndum Media Solutions as the leading global provider of accessories within the fast-growing digital multi-media content market, the portfolio includes the following premium brands: Audix; Avenger; Colorama; Gitzo; JOBY; Lowepro; Manfrotto; Rycote; Savage and Syrp Lab. All products are distributed on a direct basis in 11 markets across the world through Videndum Media Distribution, as well as many other markets through a network of qualified retail partners.