Feast of July: Hot products warm up summer equipment purchasing


Technology on track The Tracker has joined the Techni-Scan line of intelligent lighting fixtures from Techni-Lux. For themed environments, retail, nightclubs, touring bands, and mobile DJs, the Tracker uses the economical Mini-Arc II 150W high-intensity discharge lamp, which has a 2,000-hour average life. The company says the frost in the unit converts it to a color wash luminaire instantly. The Techni-Scan Tracker auto-senses both standard DMX512 protocol and the dedicated controllers of High End Systems' scanning units, so it can adjust to emulate the control commands, allowing moving yoke technology to be added to existing systems. Techni-Lux Inc., Orlando, FL

Chauvet lights up New products from Chauvet include the Colortrack, a DMX512-programmable unit with 250W of power and eight dichroic colors plus white, billed as the smallest color changer ever; Trackscan, a fully programmable DMX512 fixture with nine dichroic colors plus white, nine gobos plus a shutter, and a strobe speed of 7 flashes per second (fps), that weighs less than 25lb (11.25kg); and the CH-775, a 750W "mega strobe" with a built-in speed adjuster for 1-12fps and dual 1/4" jacks for synchronous operation. Chauvet, Hollywood, FL

Still smokin' The Jem ZR12 AL is a mid-sized portable smoke machine with many of the same features as earlier Jem fogger models. Additions include a vaporizing chamber, powered by a 1kW heater, that allows operators a continuous flow of dry, dense smoke controlled from Jem's new multifunctional on-board remote; analog link slave sockets that allow multiple machines to be operated from the remote; and an 8x mode that expands the remote's auto-timer functions, easing use for DJs, musicians, rental companies, small clubs, and theatres. Jem Smoke Machine Co. Ltd., Hollywood, FL

Measuring lasers Labsphere's LPMS Series Laser Power Measurement Systems include two precision power meters designed to measure the total output power of lasers or highly divergent sources. Integrating sphere systems are available for measurement over the wavelength region from 300 to 1,800nm. Systems consist of an integrating sphere, detector assembly, and system control, with calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Systems are operated directly from the front panel of the system control, or remotely via computer interface. Free to Lighting Dimensions readers, Labsphere will also mail a two-page data sheet describing a line of precision power meters designed to simplify radiant flux measurement of laser diodes or highly divergent sources. Labsphere, North Sutton, NH

Pin the Spot on the disco Matrix Spot from American DJ Supply is a DMX-compatible effect that features 16 pinspots mounted on a square matrix board, which flash on and off in synchronization to their own pre-programs. Positioned in rows of four, the pinspots can light up individually, in columns, or in various groupings. Activating different configurations of lights can produce straight or diagonal lines, geometric shapes, abstract patterns, or even letters of the alphabet. The Matrix Spot (for mobile or permanent installations) can also be used in multiples, linkable via XLR cable. Included in the price of the Matrix Spot are 16 pinspot lamps, available in a choice of 12V/30W or 12V/50W. Sold separately is the Matrix Spot 19/C controller, containing many built-in programs. American DJ Supply, Los Angeles, CA

A touch of theatre The C5M Parlight from Times Square Lighting is a miniature fixture designed to add theatrical excitement to window displays, department stores, exhibits, and museums. It accepts the new and energy-efficient PAR-38 halogen lamps; other compatible lamps are available in a variety of wattages and beam spreads, including narrow spot for highlighting and narrow flood and flood lamps for general illumination. The C5M has attached four-way barndoors and accepts color media, louvers, and other accessories. Color finishes include black, white, and custom colors. Times Square Lighting, Wharton, NJ

Establishing the Axiom The Axiom 48 and 60 are available from LSC Electronics. The Axiom 48 now has capability of 1,024 channels of output, of which half can be HTP (highest takes precedence). Automated fixture attribute control is from three wheels and a dedicated LCD. Up to 96 fixtures can be controlled from this console. Based on the same architecture, the Axiom 60 has more fader channels, of which up to 512 can be HTP. A maximum of 120 fixtures can be controlled from this console. LSC Electronics, Victoria, Australia

Illumination that grabs hold Roxter's Clip-On series is for display lighting applications where true color rendition is key. The lightweight fixtures feature a 50W halogen with solid state transformer, 25W reflector, or 100W standard bulb. Five models are available, each with a clip that opens to 1.5" for flat or round (pipe) surface mounting, universal swivel for precise beam control, 6' two-wire line cord, and on/off switch. An optional 10' three-wire line cord is available. Roxter Lighting, Long Island City, NY

The Coolest kit around The Cool-Lux Combo/Soft Kit from Pana-Tek is said to include more total light heads than other kits, increasing its versatility for location lighting professionals. The kit contains three Cool-Lux Combo-Lights, complete with barndoors, easily attachable Softlight hoods, diffusion accessories, and 500W lamps. The lighting kit also includes two lightweight AC/DC Mini-Cools with barndoors, dimming control, and 250W lamps (equivalent to a 650W fresnel). The Mini-Cools can be used in a portable mode, using a 12V/22W lamp or a 12V/35W lamp (included). The Combo-Light can use 300, 500, 750 or 1,000W double-ended lamps as a soft light, and with the supplied Softlight hood can provide even light without projecting any heat on the talent or subject. Four light stands with a working height of 9' (2.7m) are also included. The durable injection-molded case weighs 65lb (29kg) fully stocked and is 43" long by 20" wide by 8" deep. Pana-Tek, Camarillo, CA

Dynamic duo Clay Paky rounds out its Stage Line of moving-body luminaires with two products, the StageColor 300 and the StageLight 300. Both of these compact units, designed for applications including small-venue concerts, discos, and retail displays, can use either the HTI-300 discharge lamp or the HMD-300, which has a 3,000-hour average lifetime and color temperature in excess of 5000K. A convenient lock on the moving body eases movement of both units, which are equipped with an automatic repositioning device to correct accidental movements. StageColor 300 features include CMY color-mixing, continuously variable frost, a mechanical dimmer and shutter/strobe on independent channels; StageLight 300 features include manual zoom lens, electronic focusing, 36 colors on two color wheels, UV effect, and a cyan filter. Both units, distributed in the US by Group One, offer 450 degrees of pan and 252 degrees of tilt. Group One, Farmingdale, NY

Building a ForTruss The ForTruss developed by Interlock Structures is a newly designed truss capable of supporting heavy loads that is available in a variety of configurations, finishes, and colors. Lightweight and constructed of aluminum, triangular ForTruss, weighing 4lb (1.8kg) per foot (30cm), can support a distributed load of 325lb (147kg) over a 40' (12m) span. The box truss configuration can support approximately 600lb (272kg) over a 40' (12m) span. ForTruss is available in either box or tri-truss configurations, including three different vertex configurations. Connections are made quickly and reliably, with a sleeve insert, secured by a nut-and-bolt arrangement for a stable and rigid structure. A full complement of straight and curved lengths, corners, and intersections in box and tri-truss configurations in the product line are available. Interlock Structures International, Minneapolis, MN