Superba Launches Stadium AR, Mobile Augmented Reality For Large Sporting Events

Augmented Reality and Ai company Superba announces the launch of Stadium AR, a  Mobile Augmented Reality application for the fans attending large scale sporting events and Concert venues. 

Stadium AR, lets thousands of fans at live events use their smartphones to place Interactive 3d content over the field and stadium.

The first team to take advantage of the groundbreaking technology was the NFL’s Tennessee Titans who successfully launched the application in their season opener with the LA Chargers and will continue to use for the 2023 Season. Titans AR launched for the first time with the Titans and in collaboration with the mixed reality company The Famous Group, known for their broadcast mixed reality activations.

Stadium AR pushes the boundary forward in the age of spatial computing, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds for sports teams, fans and advertisers. It loads in seconds, is triggered through a QR code and no app download is required. It can be custom skinned to any team or stadium and has an advertiser component for event sponsors. It is at the forefront of sports technology and fan interaction supporting all sports from football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, baseball and more.

Raffael Dickreuter, CEO of Superba says “Developing a technology to allow thousands of people in a stadium, using simply their phones to launch augmented reality experience at the scale of the sports stadium was a great challenge. And to do it without an app and launch within seconds was equally challenging. We believe we are the world’s first to do so. Depending on where the fan is sitting in the stadium they are having a different vantage point and experiencing the activation at a completely different angle. Elements can even bounce off the stadium environment.  With Stadium AR we license our technology to Teams or their vendor agencies, who then play an active role in the visual elements that they want to use with their fans. In the case of the Tennessee Titan game, the Titans brought the drive to try something new and the content ideas for the collaboration: The Chargers’ logo hovering above the field, with the ability included to fling a football and shatter the lightning bolt. A towering sword that one could plunge into the turf, cracking the ground. A handful of lit torches jutting out of the field.”

David Schindler, senior director/executive producer, event presentation and production, Tennessee Titans said previously:

“I think it’s important to find any way to make the live experience special and give people a reason to come to the game. We’re creating something that you aren’t getting at home. We wanted to have multiple activations, It won’t become a one-off project; at least one of the activations will change every week. I’ve heard a lot of really positive feedback, but we want a lot more people experiencing it."

Doing something on a large scale wasn’t unusual for Superba and it’s founder, Raffael Dickreuter. Dickreuter who comes from the movie industry where he was an award winning digital and visual effects creator commented, “Having worked in the past on large scale Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man, Avengers or Terminator where crazy ideas usually are a carefully crafted film sequences, to now putting the user in the driver seat using their phones and using the sports venue as playground is exciting. In this day and age the fan wants to take charge. Powered with ever better phones fans just want to push the boundaries of their imagination at the events they attend. We are excited about the interest we are getting in Stadium AR. Both from teams and advertisers."