Familiarize Yourself With Behind The Scenes


Behind the Scenes is an industry charity that provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they are seriously ill or injured. The program was created by The ESTA Foundation so industry members could support each other in times of crisis. The model is simple: Individuals and organizations contribute money to the program, and Behind the Scenes provides grants to help industry members through emergency situations.

Many people in our industry lack health insurance and other financial support systems that are common for professionals in other fields. For these men and women — our colleagues and friends — illness or injury can mean financial ruin for an entire family. Behind the Scenes is designed to help prevent the financial tragedy that so often accompanies misfortune.

Who is eligible for a Behind the Scenes grant?

Anyone in the entertainment technology industry residing in the U.S. or Canada who has been working full time in the industry for a minimum of five years may apply for a grant. Immediate family members including spouses, domestic partners and dependent children may also qualify for assistance.

Do you work at a regional theatre? Are you a touring technician? Do you work for one of the industry dealers or manufacturers? Are you an IA stagehand or a freelance technician? A designer, a TD or a production manager? A sales person or a repair technician? Behind the Scenes was created to help you and your colleagues in times of need.

What can grants be used for?

Grants are available to use for medical care such as doctors or hospital bills, medications, physical therapy, wheelchairs and other aids, and home healthcare; for living expenses such as rent or mortgage, utilities, food, clothing, transportation and childcare; and for immediate aid including emergency shelter or transportation and funeral expenses.

You can hear from some of our grant recipients about the difference Behind the Scenes has made in their lives by going to hrrp://www.estafoundation.org/bts/grantrecipients.htm.

Visit booth #2810 to learn more about Behind the Scenes or visit www.estafoundation.org/bts.htm