METAVISTA3D Transforms Immersive Viewing Experience With AI-Enhanced Display

Toronto - METAVISTA3D, an award-winning pioneer in research and development, specializing in pseudo-holographic (spatial reality) display technologies, is revolutionizing the future of immersive viewing experiences through its groundbreaking AI-enhanced 3D display technology.

METAVISTA3D's display solution represents a significant breakthrough for the Metaverse market. Currently, the predominant options to enter the Metaverse are either through a Head Mounted Display (HMD) or a regular 2D display. However, HMDs have limited market penetration, and not everyone finds them comfortable to wear. METAVISTA3D's immersive display solution offers the ultimate alternative for experiencing 3D content without the need for glasses. See our Gallery. 
With leading firms such as McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs projecting the Metaverse market to reach a staggering $12 trillion, METAVISTA3D's innovative AI-enhanced display technology is poised to play a pivotal role in this rapidly expanding market.
In today's digital landscape, where people spend countless hours peering into 2D displays on phones, laptops, and TVs, spatial reality displays offer a logical progression due to the inherently three-dimensional nature of our world. METAVISTA3D's AI-enhanced 3D display technology holds the potential to revolutionize not only the Metaverse but also the virtual reality, augmented reality, and other markets, providing users with an unparalleled immersive experience.
METAVISTA3D's patented AI technology dynamically adjusts the stereo base, eliminating blurriness and ensuring crystal-clear images and enhanced depth perception. These AI-enhanced displays generate thousands of real-time perspectives, making them an ideal solution for various sectors, including medical, gaming, automotive, military, and consumer electronics.
Specifically within the automobile industry, METAVISTA3D offers an application for implementing glass-free 3D displays in dashboards and rearview camera systems. The company is also finalizing a prototype for a 3D E-mirror solution, where the 3D display is connected to a stereo camera, providing a superior alternative to traditional mirrors. Current regulations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US prohibit E-mirrors due to the lack of a specialized image display, which METAVISTA3D's technology precisely addresses.
METAVISTA3D's underlying Super-Multivew (SMV) technology, developed over a decade ago by Dr. Rolf-Dieter Naske, the company's Chief Technology Officer, is the cornerstone of their success. Dr. Naske, a mathematics and computer science graduate from Hamburg, Germany, obtained his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in 1984. METAVISTA3D acquired his patented solution, which leverages Artificial Intelligence to generate only the necessary display pixels for each perspective, eliminating the need for additional memory. No competitor has acheived such exceptional performance. 
From the KIDS Awards in Korea to MP3 Inventor, METAVISTA3D technology is already acknowledged for being a great one to watch for.

I have never seen such an amazing 3D Display. METAVISTA3D has successfully overcome all the limitations associated with 3D technology.

Dan Mapes, METAVISTA3D Board Advisor, co-author of the Spatial Web protocol, and prominent figure in the 3D Display industry.

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METAVISTA3D is the only company in the world to offer spatial reality experience, without the need of 3D glasses, with an AI technology, which eliminates the vergence accommodation conflict. Protected by more than 60 patents, the holographic display technology developed by METAVISTA3D is about to revolutionize the industry through a combination of cutting-edge features and solutions, eliminating the common drawbacks of 3D that no competitor is able to solve. The super multi-viewer experience is enhanced with AI and compatible with all existing content and display technologies. METAVISTA3D offers a wide range of applications, from metaverse immersion and gaming to video-conferencing, automotive, digital mirrors, military and aviation, making it a versatile and promising solution for the future of spatial reality displays. Based in Canada, METAVISTA3D is entering Toronto stock exchange in July 2023. 
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