Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia


Inaugurated in 1996, Wells Fargo Center is home to the NHL Philadelphia Flyers and the NBA Philadelphia 76ers. Seating 21,000, the Center also hosts international performing artists and a diverse line-up of events. Over the years, the Center has constantly upgraded its amenities and this year, made a significant investment in a modern, flexible sound system in order to continue offering their fans a highly engaging game day experience.

Wells Fargo Center’s owner/manager Comcast Spectator entrusted this major project to New Jersey-based integrator Diversified, with the goal of finding the right system to meet the demand of contemporary sports audio and developing a plan to install the system without impinging on the arena’s full schedule of events.

The design for the Wells Fargo Center needed to provide high-impact, high-SPL capabilities and full-range system response suitable not just for professional sports but also for entertainment. The requirement for the system to handle entertainment and a diverse calendar of high-profile events called for customized zoning to provide for multi-use functionality.

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Diversified worked closely with arena operations and technicians to take into account current needs, as well as future demands on the system. A rider-friendly L-Acoustics K2 system was chosen for its flexibility, its high-impact SPL and its small footprint.

Four arrays of 12 K2 were flown, two at each short side of the bowl while four additional arrays of 13 K2 enclosures each cover the long sides. The K2 with Panflex horizontal steering allows for precise vertical and horizontal coverage. For low end, six arrays of four K1-SB subwoofers were flown behind each K2 array. Two flown arrays of three ARCS Focus and one ARCS Wide constant curvature line source arrays provide fill on the bowl floor.


Three additional ground-stacked arrays of three ARCS Focus handle fill where acrylic glass and dasher board systems created shadow areas.

The system is powered by 37 LA12X and two L-Acoustics LA4X amplified controllers which are controlled and monitored using LA Network Manager software. An Avnu Alliance-certified AVB digital audio network is implemented, along with redundant analog fallback for failsafe reliability.

Careful consideration was given to efficiently remapping audio to support a diverse range of event types. QSC’s Q-SYS control platform was used to accomplish this. The team also created and implemented a Q-SYS control panel using the Q-SYS plugin for direct user control and emergency communications. The system is designed to be flexible and allow arena staff to change over rapidly from sports to concerts or other events.

Diversified tasked Dallas-based sports design consultant Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon and Williams (WJHW) with verifying the concept and system design.

All arrays are precisely positioned via motorized hoists that allow the audio clusters to be quickly and safely reconfigured into various positions for storage, to provide optimal sound for hockey events, repositioned for basketball events, or lowered for maintenance.

The versatile L-Acoustics system provides benefits for the venue, the sports fan and the concert goer alike, and will keep Wells Fargo Center at the forefront of the sports experience for years to come.

Owner/Manager: Comcast Spectacor

Consultant and Technology Integrator: Diversified

  • Justo Gutierrez, Director of AV and Sound, Sports and Live Events
  • Project Manager Keith Pintner
  • Lead Engineer Andy Prager

Manufacturer: L-Acoustics

  • Dan Palmer, Business Development Manager, Sports Facilities – USA and Canada
  • Andre Pichette, Application Engineer
  • Jesse Stevens, Application Engineer

Sports Design Consultant: WJHW

  • Mark Graham, Associate Principal

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