Walmart Associates And Shareholders Week


We think big, and it’s our experience in doing so that perfectly fits the scope of this multi-day, multi-speaker, A-list entertainer event for Walmart associates and shareholders. Held May 30th-June 1st, 2018, on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville, this year’s Walmart Associates and Shareholders Week consisted of five shows spread among two arenas (Bud Walton and Barnhill), plus a concert night. This is, to our knowledge, the only meeting of its kind in the corporate world. It combines elements of a Grammy Award-level show with general sessions and international meetings featuring a series of speakers and critical message delivery – all for an audience of 14,000, representing 29 countries.

The message that Walmart is deeply rooted with purpose, value, and culture served as the overall theme. In order to carry out this theme, our experts worked diligently to incorporate a stage set and design that would meaningfully integrate the theme. This resulted in a stage that represented true theatrical form with functional flying scenic elements positioned upstage of a LED video proscenium. Multiple layers of video archways created an infinite portal effect for viewers looking into the stage set. By using a four-story LED screen connected to a 20’deep by 35’ wide video floor, a seamless video surface was designed to play content behind and under each presenter. The multi-functional LED screen additionally hid the bands and set six different changes upstage, lifting to reveal entertainment and special moments. 

This year’s highly anticipated keynote by President and CEO Doug McMillon emphasized the experiential growth Walmart has experienced over the years and explored the potential for even larger progression in the future. Throughout the speech, as McMillon explained the history and future of Walmart, three-dimensional animation moved from screen to screen. Attendees were able to witness a timeline flowing across of important Walmart moments in history, as well as a seed progressing into a fully blossomed tree in comparison to the growth Walmart has and will continue to progress towards. As McMillon provided attendees with the story behind how Walmart became what it is today, the video walls and floor were brought to life. Through a comparison of tree growth (incorporating the “deeply rooted” theme), McMillon shared how Walmart began in a small town in Arkansas and became embedded with purpose, value, and culture to grow to become the largest retail corporation. The keynote address led up to the reveal of the biggest technology component Walmart has ever incorporated in an Associates and Shareholders Meeting – a hologram of Walmart’s creator, Sam Walton.

The three-dimensional animation was created to put an emphasis on McMillon’s keynote address; which discussed Walton’s original and primary goal to always remain people focused as the world turns digital. Thanks to the power of technology, the creative minds of LEO’s designers, and with the help of lots of caffeine (operating on a three-week timeline), a hologram of Walton successfully delivered an extraordinary message on the great things that are still to come.


David Kenyon: Project Lead

Pete Cappa: Executive Producer

Jim Dorroh: Production Manager

Steve Barret: Technical Director

Chris Simmons: Creative Director

Rachel Heitzer: Content Producer

Emile Wolsky: Media Server Content Designer

Star Kahn: Set Designer

Arron Black: Art Director

Greg Cohen: Lighting Designer

CommuniLux: Set Builder

Creative Technologies: LED Video

PK Pictures: Hologram Content Development

566 CB4 LED Panels (18 million pixels of video surface)

180 Kappa 9 LED video flooring

160 linear ft of LED strip lighting

D3 Media Server

15’T x 32’W HoloGauze

Two 30K Laser Projectors

20’ Deep x 30’W motorized Platform

53’-4K video production truck

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