Southlands Shopping Center


The Southlands Shopping Center in the Denver suburb of Aurora is built around a "town square" and streets lined with retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues. Southlands' original sound system featured mushroom-style speakers situated in planting beds, which left them coated in mulch and snow, which compromised the sound.

Systems integrator Premier A/V installed a new sound system featuring 174 JBL Control series speakers, mounted to light poles. "We utilized the fiber optic network infrastructure at Southlands to distribute the audio program over a VLAN using Dante to 10 Crown CDi DriveCore-series amplifiers around the campus," says Premier's Brendan Clancy, adding that nine Attero Tech unDIO2x2+ Dante-networked audio interfaces "offramp" the audio program to the amplifiers.

The system is centered on a rack in one of the buildings, which holds a licensed audio player, a BSS Soundweb London BLU-806DA DSP, and the power amplifier that serves the speakers outside that building.

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