One Culver by StandardVision


The One Culver digital display is an integrated interior-facing media experience designed to activate LBA Realty’s re-vamped atrium design at the former Sony Pictures Building in Culver City, California. Suspended above the main entrance, the One Culver display addresses Gensler’s key interior feature of a stepping communal terrace. Rising from the atrium floor, the stepped terrace has reconceived how people inhabit this space, injecting new rhythm into the atrium with the media display acting as a dynamic digital hearth.  

Inhabiting such a voluminous and light-filled atrium provided an interesting challenge however: how to balance media visibility in front of massive west-facing glass without creating a gigantic black box that destroys a vibrant communal space. The result is a design anchored by a central broadcast area whose edges are gradually eaten away as module gaps expand and natural light permeates from behind - gracefully blurring light, building and media.   


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This expanded feathering was accomplished by StandardVision’s unique display product, the FXS, which blends the high resolution capability of traditional solid tiles with the design and integration efficiency of transparent blade or stick systems. The FXS flexibility proved critical in threading the needle between aesthetic, budgetary and programmatic factors, and is SV’s latest tool for turning project constraints into design opportunities.  


A tailored structural solution was developed between StandardVision and Nabih Youssef Associates to distribute new loads into the existing space-frame which includes large spans above the entry doors. A collaboration with PlanNet was also instrumental in connecting the digital display with building audio systems and a presentation mode to allow take-over of the screen. These point of contact controls allow access into StandardVision’s SV Runner CMS which offers extensive parametric programming capabilities for customized day to day operation or unique one-off events. This programing flexibility has already proved useful to LBA in attracting tech-focused tenants by offering them a unique canvas to test visual concepts and enhance brand awareness through use of the screen.  StandardVision is proud to have been able to collaborate on such a interesting project through all stages of design, procurement, installation and content management.

One Culver display by StandardVision for LBA Realty from StandardVision on Vimeo.

SV Design Team Members:

Joshua VanBlankenship: Senior Vice President Media Platforms

Brian Parisi: Vice President Products

James Hart: Vice President Projects

Derek Warrick: Systems Design Director

Steven Ranta: Product Integration / Designer

Isaiah Montoya: Creative Director

Helen Higbee: Creative Sales Director

Jeremiah Montoya: Lead Software Engineer

Nathan Specht: Software Engineer

Mark Escribano: Executive Producer

Sinziana Velicescu: Creative Producer

Alberto Garcia: Chief Technical Officer

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