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Montreal Espace C2 Solotech

Solotech nominated for Sid Lee's Espace C2 at Montreal's landmark Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, a unique, innovative and immersive experiential space.

Solotech has been a leader in the audiovisual industry since 1977. The experience and skills it has acquired over time have made Solotech stand out as a Canadian leader in the integration of complete sound, lighting, video, rigging and control systems. Solotech is proud to have collaborated on an innovative new project, Espace C2.

Located at the landmark Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Espace C2 is an innovative rooftop event space with interconnected, modular and multifunctional meeting spaces designed for collaborative and immersive experiences. It offers state-of-the-art equipment that makes it possible to adapt the space and atmosphere to the client’s needs, as well as high-quality audiovisual equipment combining innovation and ease of use for a creative experience.

Espace C2 can accommodate guests in a variety of configurations designed to impress.


Our Challenges

A major constraint was the need to combine simplicity and ease of use with quick internal deployment. We also had to reconcile the hotel’s needs in regards to their usual corporate events and their limited knowledge of audiovisual technologies with the needs of C2 for presenting high-tech events that combine creativity, innovation and spectacle. Espace C2 needed maximum flexibility so that equipment could be added, modified and moved around to create the desired user experience. Since the site is a hotel first, with people sleeping just below Espace C2, we also had to limit sound transmission between floors to a minimum.

Finally, because of the landmark nature and prestige of the establishment, we also needed to take architectural and aesthetic constraints into account while ensuring that the performance and the output met the client’s expectations.

Thanks to the contribution of the Solotech team, Espace C2 is a unique space that will reinvent the way meetings and events take place.


What Makes This C2 Space Exceptional

With its double-height glass cube space topped by a dramatic butterfly roof, Espace C2 is as stunning as the view it offers. Visitors will be amazed upon entering the main room with its 2.5mm LED screen with a total resolution of more than three million pixels. Motorized lighting projectors, a stylized video mosaic and other state-of-the-art equipment combine to create the venue’s captivating ambience. In addition, the professional-quality LED screen allows video capture of presentations without suffering unwanted video artifacts/distortion (moiré effect).

The powerful sound system offers unparalleled intelligibility to accommodate every need from speeches and press conferences to concerts that require high power (rock bands, DJs, etc.). The use of directional loudspeakers ensures uniform sound and almost perfect audio coverage over the whole area. A professional video referral system, which allows the display of multiple graphic content on the LED screen, completes the equipment. Wireless touch control screens recall preprogrammed modes and control the features. They also give access to advanced features for more experienced users who wish to express their creativity and push the boundaries of the audiovisual experience.


Theatrixx xVision 2.5mm LED screen (approx. 20’ x 10’) 2400 x 1200 resolution

Analog Way Ascender 16-4K Multi-screen Seamless Switcher

LG UHD Monitor Mosaic Video Wall (49”- 86”)

Meyer Sound CAL32 Array, UPJ-1P Compact VariO and UPM-1P UltraCompact loudspeakers

Meyer Sound 500HP Subwoofer

L-Acoustics 108p Self-Powered Coaxial Loudspeaker

Bose DS16SE Surface-mount and L1 Model 1S w/B2 bass portable speaker

QSC Core 510i Q-Sys Integrated Core Processor and I/O 8-Flex Q-Sys Channel Expander

Sennheiser Digital 6000 Dante Wireless Microphone

Robe Robin DL4X Spot RGBW LED and 300+ Wash RGBW LED Moving Lights

MA Lighting Console

Crestron Control & Distribution System

With offices in Canada, USA and Europe, Solotech offers one-stop-shop solutions, wherever you need them. To learn more about us, visit Solotech at:

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