Martin Audio installation at (le) Poisson Rouge, NYC by Frost Productions

(Jesse Soll) Martin Audio WPC

The iconic (le) Poisson Rouge (LPR), located in Manhattan (NYC) underwent a major sound system renovation in January of 2018. The original system was replaced with a brand new optimized line array, complemented with a multitude of active and passive speakers throughout the space. Each has been specified for the exact coverage needed, over a Dante infrastructure, to allow for multiple signal-flow configurations between the two performance spaces.

LPR’s unique configuration is a challenge in itself. The asymmetrical Main Space has a diagonal corner stage, very irregular low-ceilings with large HVAC ducts, and a circular-shaped hollow dancefloor. Multiple audience configurations include cabaret-style seating, all standing, a VIP opera-box, and occasionally a 360° stage in the center of the room with the audience overflowing onto the main-stage. The smaller satellite performance space, the rectangular Gallery Bar, has a portable stage on one end and is also used for overflow from the Main Space.

The line-up of events is uniquely eclectic. The venue can go from a theatrical reading on the main stage, into a rock concert utilizing the 360° in-the-round stage, into a late-night EDM dance party back on the main stage (overflowing into the Gallery Bar) all in a matter of hours.

Martin Audio XE300

Because of the need for such rapid configuration changes, Audinate’s Dante was the network platform of choice, due to its flexibility and the ever-expanding line-up of products utilizing it. In regards to the speaker system, Martin Audio was unanimously chosen by all deciding parties during the demo sessions at InfoComm 2017. All passive speakers are being powered by Martin Audio’s Dante-enabled Ikon series of amplifiers, and all active speakers have built-in Dante cards. The FOH and MON positions in the Main Room were equipped with Focusrite RedNet processors, while the Gallery Bar got a Dante-enabled mixer. A Win10 PC quarterbacks the operation with stored snapshots and presets for all the different room configurations.

Additionally, LPR is sometimes used for different purposes like corporate / marketing events, movie screenings, and others. With the ability to route any signal source to any speaker in the venue, simply rotating the bar-fills around allows for a very simple and fast way of configuring the LS and RS for a 5.1 mix experience.

Due to programming constraints this installation had to be completed in 4 days. Pre-wiring of all network and speaker cabling was accomplished during the final days of 2017. Finally, in the early hours of Jan 2nd, all audio gear was loaded into the venue and the crews worked around the clock until doors opened for the first show on Jan 5th.

This project was designed and installed by Frost Productions, led by its Audio Services Manager Jose Lima, in collaboration with the LPR team, led by TD Jay Eigenmann with full support from Martin Audio.

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Martin Audio XE300 and SX218


Martin Audio

  • 8 WPC
  • 5 SX218
  • 4 SX118
  • 9 CDD-Live15
  • 5 CDD-Live12
  • 4 CDD-Live8
  • 2 CDD12
  • 5 CDD10
  • 1 CDD6
  • 3 CSX112
  • 2 CSX-Live118
  • 10 XE300
  • 9 IK42
  • 1 IK81


  • 2 A16R
  • 1 D16R


System Design & Engineering:

  • Jose Lima – Frost Productions
  • Jay Eigenmann – LPR

Acoustic Predictions / EASE:

  • Dan Orton – Martin Audio

Sales & Logistics:

  • Jose Lima
  • Martha Callaghan – Martin Audio

Network Design:

  • Jose Lima

Custom Racks & Cabling:

  • Baines Kluxen
  • Christopher Schultz

Installation Team Leads:

  • Mike Alvarez
  • Abner Torres

Installation Team:

  • Bernard Girman
  • Carl Lund
  • Chris Lapke
  • Dan Mathews
  • David Zuckerman
  • Dom Taylor
  • Ethan Jose
  • Gabe Montesi-Garskof
  • James Kogan
  • James Kolditz
  • James Smith
  • Jason Rosenthal
  • Johnn Fedor
  • Ken Candelas
  • Nate Putnam
  • Nelson Dorado
  • Ryan Jones
  • Sean Stewart
  • Wes Shippee

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