Guangji Ancient Bridge Amazing Lighting Show


Guangji ancient bridge lighting show is deeply loved by the public, and the number of tourists increases a lot because of this lighting show. DASEN LIGHTING CORP has created a number of precedents and perfected demonstrated the crossover integration of stage lighting and landscape lighting again.

The major breakthrough of this project lies in coordinated control. It needs to overcome three difficulties. At this time, DASEN LIGHTING CORP powerful control system and professional technical team has showed their creativity and combat power.

We integrated stage lighting and landscape lighting together, overall DMX512 coordinated control system. Achieve pixel control. This is more sensitive than landscape control, and bigger than stage control.

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In order to highlight the unique architectural style of ancient pavilions and achieve the colorful light effect, projection technology was first applied in the ancient bridge carrier. Co-spectrum light show with LED lights. It provides valuable reference value for future widely application. 


Unique Carrier:

One of four ancient bridges in China, twenty-four pavilions


More than 10,000 LED Washers, more than 100,000 channels, overall DMX512 coordinated control system.

Novel Techniques:

Large outdoor lighting show which combine with music, projection and mountain.

More Colors:

All lights are RGBW, infinite color change

More Types:

LED corrugated fixtures, LED Flood light, LED wall washer. And there are both stage lighting and landscape lighting.

More Quantity:

Nearly 20,000 sets of lights on bridges and mountains, more than 100,000 channels.


Chief designer:朱剑修 (Zhu Jianxiu)

Project director:郑  钢(Zheng Guang)

Designers:黄昱明(Huang Xiaoming)   凌向宇(Leng Xiangyu)  鲍磊(Bao Lei)  程宏鑫(Cheng Hongxin)  陈聪(Chen Cong)  马成龙(Ma Chenglong)

Construction supervisor:杨 俭(Yang Jian)  石庆彪(Shi Qingbiao)

Scheduler:  平陈彬(Ping Chenbin)  许荣华(Xu Ronghua)  苏利峰(Su Lifeng)   

Chief lighting supervisor:伍日燊(Wu Rishen)  宋正海(Song Zhenghai)

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