The Great Wolf Lodge: The Marvelous Mural


The Marvelous Mural is the featured lobby attraction of The Great Wolf Lodge and Adventure Parks in LaGrange, GA, Gurnee, IL, and Bloomington, MN.

Based on the established Great Wolf Lodge IP and the Great Wolf Lodge Kids, the automated lobby show employs a cast of 5 newly animated characters, 2 original musical numbers, original score, projection mapping, coordinated physical actuations, built-in audio, and adaptable interactive storytelling.

A unique feature of this attraction is the linked projection mapping and physical actuations—programmed to communicate and coordinate with each other— that launch guests into a beyond-3D video storytelling experience. Also, the ”theatre venue” quality of The Marvelous Mural allows it to be reprogrammed with new shows without rebuilding the structure itself, so it will be able to bring new adventures of The Great Wolf Kids to life for years to come.

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GWL EDC Marvelous Mural Video 2018 from Entertainment Design Corporation on Vimeo.

Over the better part of a year, Entertainment Design Corporation (EDC) developed the concept, narratives, and subsequent scenic pieces in tandem with Great Wolf Lodge. Initial sketches from EDC and branding guides from Great Wolf Lodge ensured a cohesive storytelling experience that blended the line between the real and the fake, the magical, and the ordinary; kickstarting the guest adventure for families visiting Great Wolf Lodge. The Marvelous Mural is slated to be installed in new Great Wolf Lodge locations, in the US and internationally.


The team behind The Marvelous Mural project is made up of over 50 artists, designers, animators, musicians, media specialists, engineers, technicians, producers, and fabricators.

The Executive Team is made up of Entertainment Design Corporation (EDC), responsible for developing the overall show concept—one that is innovative and a first of its kind. Although complex animatronics and projection mapping are common elements in contemporary themed entertainment, mapping narrative animation onto a three-dimensional set, complete with moving animatronics has never been attempted in this way. EDC is proud to have developed all content, design, and direction for The Marvelous Mural and its shows. Mammoth Vision (Media Development) and LA ProPoint (Show Fabrication) are long-standing collaborators of EDC, and together the three teams have worked in unison to develop a technically-complex show that looks breathtaking and simple in its delivery.


What Makes The Marvelous Mural So Unique

  • Structure is only 15’ wide, 9’ tall, and 3’ deep.
  • Lit with 6,220,800 pixels of RGBW light.
  • Capable of holding over 20 different animated shows.
  • Forced perspective used throughout to enhance the 3D look.
  • 9 projection-mapped and time-coded actuations (moving pieces).
  • Projected animation on a 3 dimensional moving diorama had never before been attempted, so special show control mechanisms and processes had to be developed specifically for this installation.
  • 13,000 lumen front projector with 3-foot deviation in the focal distance to account for the 3-dimensionality of the scenic elements.
  • Until now, the GWL Kids had never been voiced or animated.
  • Animation uses foreshortening and scale to make playing space appear larger.
  • Animation is played back over three channels of synchronized players to 2 rear screen laser lit projectors with a combined output of 11,600 lumens.
  • Audio is carried in sync with the video files in full surround.

Key Players/Design Team

LA ProPoint - Engineering, Fabrication, Show Control

  • Mark Riddlesberger – CEO
  • Mammoth Vision - Animation, Programming, Media Design
  • George Johnson – CEO

EDC - Design Construction Administration, Programming, Producer

  • Alexander M. Calle – CEO and Chief Creative Officer
  • Alison Picard, Jessica Hill, Melissa Garza, Ellen Boener – Production Managers
  • Arnold Lesin, Tom McClain – Technical Directors
  • Rei Yamamoto, Teena Sauvola – Art Directors

Equipment List

  • Video playback system: Brightsign XT 1143 and two Brightsign XT243 units
  • Christie D13HD DS Laser Projector and two Hitachi CPAW3005 Ultra Short Throw Projectors
  • Two Viewsonic Model LS810 for rear projection
  • Audio playback: Denon DN 508MX Zone mixer and Denon BR500 BluRay player
  • Show Control

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