French National Day 2018 Celebrations


For the main French National Day celebrations in the center of Paris on Bastille Day, July 14, pyrotechnics company, Groupe F contracted Belgian company, Laser System Europe, to stage a spectacular lighting and video display.

Spectacular fireworks and a laser / light and video show illuminated the Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars at 11 p.m., lighting up the sky for the 30 minutes above crowds of about 700,000 people.

NCHAVANCE (c) Groupe F ParisTourEiffel2018_K5A8957SMALL.jpg

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The entire show (music, pyro, lighting, laser, and video) was directed by Christophe Berthoneau from Groupe F. Laser System Europe worked at the event for the first time, projecting the same show onto two faces: the Champ de Mars and the other facing out to the Trocadero. LSE’s Francois Van der Meeren designed the lighting, while LSE’s Bruno Sellier designed the lasers.

“We had to achieve a perfect sync and color design between light, laser, video, and pyro,” says LSE general manager Patrick Awouters. “Not only that but we also had a small time frame to install and program the entire show on site.”

NCHAVANCE (c) Groupe F ParisTourEiffel2018_K5A8980SMALLcanvas.jpg

LSE installed 110 PR Lighting AQUA 480 Beams, 45 AQUA LED 600 Spots, and 12 of the new Hydra 440 Beam. “We chose these for the high power of the Beam, and its ability to light up the whole Eiffel Tower — right up to the top level at 300m high — and also the quality of the color,” explains Awouters.

Photos courtesy of Group F

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