Cove Manila, Philippines

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Southeast Asia boasts a new 9,000-sqm, $200 million entertainment space located in Okada Manila, a five-star integrated resort in the Philippines capital. Cove Manila is touted as the largest indoor beach club in the world. 

Cove Manila lies within a 120-meter wide by 40-meter high glass-domed space. The audiovisual design for the indoor Beach Club and nightclub includes over 1,000 lighting fixtures, which work from a variety of locations – palm trees, swimming pool, Jacuzzis, centerpiece chandelier, stage, roof tops, and elsewhere. "There are 16 different types of fixtures in the club, which ensures that every event and show is unique," states Ted Mizrahi of Mizrahi Show Designs, who serves as the technical director for the space and is responsible for everything entertainment technical, including the lighting and visual design, which he partnered on with designer Evan Bloom to help create the club’s kinetic centerpiece.

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Mizrahi says, “The lighting design for the Beach Club was achieved by starting with the goal of having lights and effects in every location surrounding the club. The large visual package gives the ability to cover any event or performance in the space with a distinct look. It allows them to play with different fixtures to get a variety of looks so you don’t see the same light show over and over.”

Much of the large lighting package can be found at the performance stage but there is also an abundance of fixtures in surrounding locations. Fourteen artificial palm trees in the Beach Club for example house moving lights, strobes, blinders, washes and lasers for a disco effect from every direction, while a custom 15-meter diameter kinetic centerpiece chandelier, capable of thousands of visual effects, houses video and lighting to engulf guests in an immersive nightlife party.

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Mounted in each palm tree, in the centerpiece chandelier, on the main stage truss and in the DJ booth, Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2™ fixtures are used for blinding, strobing, washes, chases and even function as work lights. Also used from the palm trees to light the Beach Club stage area are one-meter long Elation SixBar 1000s™ color-changing battens, as well as Elation ELED Fresnel II™ warm white wash lights. The ACL 360 Bars are used in both the Beach Club and the nightclub surrounding the stage, in moving trusses and also work from the centerpiece chandelier.

Among the venue’s efforts to minimize the environmental footprint while saving on power and bulb changes is a reliance on all LED fixtures. “Because no xenon sources are used anywhere, we were able to build the entire AVLR system using only 600 circuits,” says Mizrahi. “If this was xenon, it would have been more than triple that. Because the LED creates little to no heat, the fixtures’ longevity before failure increases tenfold.” The Elation, ADJ and Acclaim lighting, as well as the Antari M-7 LED fog machines used in the venue, were supplied by Pacific Technical Products Pte Ltd (PTP) through their local supplier Maxitech.

Cove Night Club

34 x Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2

28 x Elation ACL 360 Bar

24 x ADJ Pocket Z4 Wash Zoom

72 x ADJ Pocket Spot

130 x ADJ Flash Kling Batten

8 x ADJ Crazy 8

8 x ADJ Asteroid 1200

12 x ADJ Illusion Dotz 3.3

16 x Antari M-7

Cove Beach Club

16 x Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2

10 x Elation SixBar 1000

8 x Elation ELED Fresnel II

48 x ADJ Pocket Z4 Wash Zoom

4 x Antari M-7

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