Avry Singapore


As the first nightclub in Southeast Asia to feature a ground-breaking sound system powered by VOID Acoustics, Avry Singapore is a 6,000 square-foot immersive playground catering to free-spirited people who are looking for a home away from home. 

Created along the lines of the saying “Birds of a feather, flock together,” Avry Singapore is keen to become an integrated part of the clubbing community, presented much like a “Bird Sanctuary” where like-minded people can come together to hang out and party in the same place. Located in the Central Business District of Singapore, the aviary-themed nightclub encourages party-goers to indulge in exciting sound combination, spanning from hip-hop / R&B to electronic beats.


The club seeks to provide a phenomenal music experience through ear-shifting sound systems and complex visuals. With that, DJs will helm the decks with a bespoke production — Air Tri Motion series VOID Acoustics sound system will make the most of the dance floor with its distinguishable quality that doesn’t distort sound and packs a thunderous bass punch. Void Acoustics is also known to have set-up sound systems in places like Eden in Ibiza and Taipei’s Omni. 


Aesthetically, the club’s design exudes a “Bird Sanctuary” vibe, elevated by four guided birdcages and a three-meter wide LED screen surrounding the dance floor. To compliment the reverberating dance floor, creative technology studio V-Squared Labs, has taken creative control for the visual design of the club, providing multi-sensory experiences similar to festivals like Ultra Music Festival and artists likes Steve Aoki, Skrillex and more. 

Today, Avry Singapore has welcomed International DJs like Fedde Le Grand, DANNIC, Dyro and renowned local DJ, Rave Republic -- Definitely a nightclub where the music doesn't stop!

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