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ALTA Nightclub Taichung front center panorama view

Opened in September, 2018, ALTA was designed by the award-winning team behind OMNI, winner of Live Design Excellence Awards 2016.

The name “ALTA” derives from Latin, which conveys “high” and “profound” in feminine form as simply one look at the staggering 30 feet-high ceiling immediately gives the meaning away to anyone under her towering embrace.

Indeed, it’s virtually impossible to neglect the spacious interior once stepped inside ALTA. “With our previous project OMNI, our goal was to provide an all-encompassing experience”, thus explained David Hsia, director of the project. “How do we excel ourselves in the next project? We looked into the concept of “excel” and took the meaning literally, that’s how we came up with the idea of ALTA, a club venue that not only envelopes its guests horizontally but also vertically. A true immersion in every sense of the word.”

The major challenge of the project is the rectangular nature of the venue. ALTA’s interior is wide and tall, precisely 122 ft in length, 84 ft in width, with an impressive 30 ft height. In order to deliver the most extravagant visual impact, theLOOP has chosen to place the stage on the longer side of the room. Although the main display can benefit from the great length, this also posed the audio engineers with great challenges at the same time.


The design team at Winly Sound Engineering had chosen L-Acoustics sound systems for the project in order to deliver the task. The KUDO line-array series is powered with multiple directional modes so each sound can be adjusted and distributed manually to meet various needs. On top of the arrays the team also implemented multiple L-Acoustics SB-218 subwoofers, 115 HiQ monitors, supported by DV-SUBs to spread the sound across the venue evenly without compromising any sound quality.

Hardware alone cannot make a world of difference. It’s with the professional minds on the sound engineering team that truly pushes L-Acoustics’ potential to its maximum effect. With the aid of cutting-edge computing, the team was able to enhance the sound with various software that penetrates every corner of the interior space with the same clarity and efficiency, successfully creates an aural delight without ever missing a single beat.

To conclude the overall features of ALTA’s sound design, there are 4 major achievements: 1. Average coverage - the whole venue is covered by sound uniformly, effectively making anywhere a sweet spot; 2. Excellent frequency response; 3. Dynamics - its huge headroom can be customized with a single click for different musical and performance needs; 4. STI - its speech transmission fidelity connects the audience with the performances completely and clearly with zero compromise.

All in all, combining the monstrous capability of L-Acoustics and the precision-seeking minds at Winly Sound, ALTA truly achieves an architectural feat in audio engineering, delivering an all-encompassing experience unlike anyone else in the industry.

Selected Gear List

12 x L-Acoustics KUDO
12 x L-Acoustics SB-218
16 x L-Acoustics LA-48a
3 x XTA DP448
2 x L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ
2 x L-Acoustics DV-SUB
3 x L-Acoustics LA-48a
6 x L-Acoustics 115XT HiQ

Design Team

Design Team: theLOOP Production & Winly Sound Design
Project Director: David Hsia (theLOOP) & Andy Chen (Winly)
Project Manager: Cindi Liu, Daryl Yang
Design Engineer: Scott Kuo, Mike Li
Executive Engineer: Huangyu, Sam Fan

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