The 2018 International DOTA 2 Championships


Time: Aug. 2018

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Equipment: CB3, BO3, BM4, BO2

Background Information:

The 2018 International DOTA 2 Championships, staged at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC, was seen by millions of concurrent viewers online as well as the 18,000 ticket-buying fans. It’s like a football game meets a rock concert, but over six days, with some particularly avid fans creating elaborate cosplay costumes, much like they are going to a Dragon Con. This year’s DOTA 2 prize pool totaled $25,532,177 Canadian ($23,932,177 US) with the first-place team winning just over $11 million ($8,450,000 US) and last place (18th) making a mere $63,585 ($48,826 US).


Creative Technology partnered with Valve Corp and TPN to provide ROE Visual LED screens used to create an immersive visual experience for competitors and attendees at the International 2018. The Four Main screens featured ROE Visual Carbon series CB3 LED tiles. Measuring 32 feet tall by lengths of 70 and 49 feet, they fulfilled the obligatory stage surround featuring all the action of the game, insets of players with their representative avatar information and statistics. The entire main stage floor is comprised of ROE Visual’s new Black Marble Floor LED tile. During the event, VR technology allowed attendees to follow each fierce character fight on hyper-real larger-than-life Black Onyx (BO2) LED screens, enhanced by floor visuals possible by use of BM4 LED tiles in the arena. ROE Visual Black Onyx 3 modules filled in dasher façade, up and over five front seating rows. Logos of the 16 competing teams appear on these dasher LED’s, disappearing as each gets defeated. For the analyst booths and player pods, ROE Visual Black Onyx 2.84mm tiles were chosen.


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