Windows Phone 7.5 Launch

For the launch of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” software, The Production Network (TPN), along with partner, Wexley School for Girls, produced a larger-than-life event complete with a six-story tall Windows Phone in New York’s Herald Square. The phone, whose screen surface was comprised of LED tiles, mimicked the eight tiles on the Windows Phone home screen and featured four “Live Tiles,” which opened to reveal live entertainment segments during the event.

Working around the clock for 48 hours, TPN was show ready by Sunday morning with time to spare for early Monday morning live press shoots. At noon, the phone came alive with its first segment of live entertainment by Far East Movement, and continued to impress with appearances by Fruit Ninjas, Plants vs. Zombies and a live marriage proposal.

Working with Hudson Scenic Studio in NY, TPN managed the phone build and onsite needs. The project presented many challenges for the crew: working within a short assembly timeframe of 48 hours to be show ready; a work space of one square block to erect the six-story phone; permitting with six different agencies; and working within one of the busiest intersections in NY during the busiest time of year, the holidays.

TPN was also tasked with providing a product pavilion with a clear roof so that even while inside this tent, attendees could always view the phone and the action happening outside. To combat these challenges, the team pre-fitted all LED at Hudson Scenic Studio, and many parts of the structure were pre-assembled before arriving onsite.

As part of the Mango launch, the PR team wanted to create a launch event to drive broad coverage and kick-start the customers push to retail. The concept was to bring the Windows Phone “Live Tiles” to life and showcase how Windows Phone helps you Put People First. To achieve this, priorities were to drive coverage (broadcast, short-lead consumer, and online), engage with consumers directly to promote interest in Windows Phone and amplify digital, social, direct, retail, and media team plans and to use the launch event to foster and reinforce consumer drive to retail.

Event goals relating to PR were to generate broad coverage with industry and consumer media that positions Windows Phone as the phone that Put[s] People First, as well as utilize investment in the launch event as a way to also drive direct consumer engagement onsite, and earning media/digital engagement through social properties.

At its peak, the phone attracted around 1,000 viewers until it powered down for the night at 6pm.

Creative Team
Steve Kidd, Production Manager
Doug Sankovich, Technical Manager
Eric Batt, Technical Director
Fabian Yeager, Lighting Designer
Gary Radokovich, Lighting Programmer
Cameron Yeary, Content Management
Greg Scott, Designer
Christie Lites, Lighting
Staging Techniques, A/V
XL Video, LED Wall
Hudson Scenic Studios, Phone Structure and Scenic Build
Wexley School for Girls, Video Content/Screen Design
Mira Mobile, Video Facilities


88 Chroma-Q Color Force 12
14 Studio Force
4 5kW HMI Fresnel
24 Martin Professional MAC 2000 Wash
15 Martin Professional MAC III Performance
40 Martin Professional MAC Aura
15 ETC Source Four PAR

119 Barco O-Lite Panels


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