USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Projection

In an all-out show of American Patriotism, AV Concepts transformed the aircraft carrier USS Midway with projection mapping during the 5th Annual Midway American Patriot Awards. This event honored acclaimed naval aviators and American heroes Senator John McCain and VADM James B. Stockdale (posthumously).

This project seemed to have its fair share of challenges that were overcome. Because the USS Midway is an active museum and had to use its power to remain functional, AV Concepts had to bring in its own power source, which took some adjusting but flowed smoothly throughout the show. Another issue that arose was a four-minute timeout of audio while the live singer was on stage.

Since a CAD of the ship could not be distributed, AV Concepts design team had to manually draft every single surface. Utilizing the massive 175' wide and 65’ tall surface of the island above the flight deck, the project presented significant technical challenges with the many shapes, curves and dimensions of this projection surface. AV Concepts successfully utilized its proprietary Liquid Scenic media server in combination with highly advanced graphics software to seamlessly “paint” the entire area with virtual 3D imagery. Although time consuming, the end result was without any inch or section of image degradation, and the projection mapping meshed every intricacy so perfectly that if one did not know of the different depths and areas of the hull, he or she would have thought it was one large flat surface.

Despite the challenges, the guests were treated to a seamless show start while they ate dinner. Because of the simulated lighting paired with projection, guests were surprised to see that the show had already begun, as they thought they were eating underneath a wash of beautiful lighting.

Creative Team
Curt Apanovich, Creative Director
Ryan Raitt, Media Content Manager

4 Christie Digital 18K HD Projector
1 AV Concepts HD Media Server

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