UPS Centennial Tour

Design Team

creative director (content): Ann Castellano
senior producer (digital media): Tom Eisenhauer
senior art director (graphic design): Don Finke
creative director (environment): John Fowler
overall creative director and executive producer: Dan Reus
producer (graphics): Becky Schmid
senior art director (exhibit and environment design): Jake Strelow


UPS wanted the company’s 100th anniversary celebration to recognize and reward as many of its employees and customers as possible. To bring this to life, we focused on the transformative power of its people, culture, and innovations.


Because the celebration targeted a wide audience, a variety of entertaining experiences was critical. Three touring units (two in North America and one international) were needed. Each included unique content, media, displays, and activities aimed to engage the senses of customers, employees, and family members in the culture of UPS.

And, because UPS daily handles 3% of the world’s GDP and is a strong proponent of community development and environmental stewardship in the world, it was important for each attendee to leave feeling part of something very special.

In what became a world’s fair-like environment, the focal point of each unit became a 14’ tall wire frame globe icon, emphasizing the global nature of the celebration. The footprint of each event flowed around this icon with areas to interact with the UPS brand promise, regardless of knowledge level.

Visitors met nearly 100 employees from around the world via photos, text, and oral histories of each. Called the UPSer display, the immersive display revealed the deep-seated values of service, innovation, and community that transcend borders in the company. Nearby, the iWall—a 15’ long multimedia map of the world—used interactive technology to reveal stories of UPS’s global technology and service innovations for individuals and small groups.

Unique activities were designed to allow audiences to feel what it’s like to be a real “UPSer.” At the UPS Challenge, guests were challenged to see who could load packages into an actual UPS package car the fastest and balance cargo flawlessly in a model UPS airplane to see how UPSers think and work. Another game featured model package cars that raced down a track when UPS NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett asked, “Are you ready to race?” For the youngest visitors, coloring books with UPS scenes, UPS paper airplane flight contests, and make-your-own pop-up books of world icons and UPS vehicles all provided opportunities to feel part of the celebration.

A history area focused on how meeting customer needs has led to innovation and growth. In this area, pictures, artifacts, and interactive media showcased the evolution of the company as it grew from a local to an international leader, culminating with a glimpse into the potential future with a UPS designed spacesuit.

How big was all this, you ask? Well, two US units consisting of three 54’ tractor-trailers accommodated daily audiences of up to 10,000. Simultaneously, a separate version was created that could be delivered via UPS aircraft to cities in Europe, Mexico, and Asia. Ultimately, nine variants were created for local language and content needs.

During the Centennial, we also conceived the graphic signature used worldwide in all UPS marketing and communication materials and created key enhancements for senior management conferences and Olympic sponsorships.

The tour gave company leaders a shared experience with customers, employees, and family members that they had never had before. It began in January 2007 and ran for nine months.

In the end, thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of employees and family members spent on average 2.8 hours deepening their relationship with UPS while sharing in the celebration. Survey results indicate each left the event proud of their relationship with the company and excited about the future—precisely what we set out to deliver.

Selected Gear

For Each of Two North American Teams
14’ custom anodized and painted aluminum globe
500’ of event fence
1 53’ custom fabricated display trailer
1 48’ drop frame storage trailer
1 40’ car hauler trailer
4 30’ by 40’ custom awnings with custom flooring
1 40’ by 80’ activity tent with sidewalls
1 NASCAR show car
1 antique (circa 1930) UPS Package Car
1 15’ long iWall interactive display, custom content
1 24’ pinewood derby track with timer
7 custom fabricated display cases
8 Octanorm systems kiosks
11 10” touch screen interactive displays
4 42” plasma displays
12 indoor/outdoor speakers
3 wireless microphones
Custom activity props, materials, staging, and content for 7 activities
9 custom interactive media programs
30 stanchions
8 directional signs
Over 300 separate graphic panels

For One International Team
5’ custom anodized and painted aluminum globe
8’ iWall interactive display with custom content
2 custom fabricated inline displays
12 Octanorm systems kiosks
8 10” touch screen interactive displays
4 indoor/outdoor speakers
1 wireless microphone

Custom props, materials, staging and content
9 custom interactive media programs in 9 languages
Over 100 graphic panels in each of 9 languages
Custom crates
Universal power distribution system

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