Ubisoft – AA2011

In early 2011, Techni-logique was commissioned by Ubisoft to design its annual corporate meeting, AA 2011, that was to be held at Le Palais des Congrès de Montréal, and bring together the more than 2,000 employees of the company. This annual meeting presents avant-garde technology and aims to motivate the troops that make Ubisoft a world leading developer and publisher of video games.

The project started off when the collaboration between Techni-logique, an audiovisual services company that has been established for 20 years in the Montreal region, and Lüz Studio, an up-and-coming company specializing in visual design including lighting, set design, and video, was established. The main challenges were to use cutting-edge technology in order to impress people that work daily with advanced technology, create an environment that reflected Ubisoft’s values, while still keeping it minimalist to avoid criticism from the employees about spending.

Through an artistic approach centered on the gaming industry, Lüz Studio and Techni-logique developed a 360° stage design in the middle of which was a triangular catwalk. Framed by the stands, the catwalk gave the opportunity to the company president, Yannis Mallat, to move around, be energetic in his speech, and to create a sense of proximity with his employees. His presentation was supported by content broadcasted on three huge 40’x10’ projection screens that were facing each stand. The keynote presentation had been transformed into video content by Lüz Studio’s team.

To complete the set design, nine 7.5’x10’ low-resolution LED screens featured custom geometrical imagery. They were used to create exciting transitions and keep the audience’s attention. The extra little touch that brought oomph to the event was an extravagant 8’x8’x6’ LED cube composed of 244 Solaris lines of 1m long, a technology offered by G-Lec Visual Technology. Being fully programmable, the Solaris cube was used as a lighting accessory but also to feature 3D animations.

Daily, the Ubisoft’s designers, programmers, and directors use wireframes to illustrate their ideas. The video design team started with this notion to convey that, as the wireframes are the employees’ basic tool, the individuals are the basic elements of the company, and that they must come together in order to make up a strong entity. Most of the content was also based on information that was given by the employees. For example, the administration had asked them to send questions about subjects that they wanted addressed in the meeting. So, each of these questions had been used to make up the video content.

This completed into an event that impressed Ubisoft’s employees, and that is the pride of Lüz Studio and Techni-logique.

Creative Team
Techni-Logique, Production
Daniel Leblanc, Production Manager
Matthieu Larivée, Set Designer
Matthieu Larivée, Lighting Designer/Programmer
David Lavallée-Gagné, Assistant Lighting Designer/Programmer
Marie-Christine Dufort, Video Director
Tina Lise Ng, Graphic Designer


244 G-Lec Solaris 1m
9 AV Stumpfl 7.5'x10' Screen
6 10'x30' Screen
3 13'x39' Screen
6 10K Projector
3 Coolux Pandoras Box

16 Martin Professional MAC 700
12 Martin Professional MAC 250 Wash
24 Vari-focal 25°-50° Ellipsoidal
48 ETC Source Four PAR
32 LED Light
24 ETC Parnel
6 Fresnel 300W
1 Fog Generator
1 MA Lighting grandMA light


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