Stone Mountain Park “Lasershow Spectacular”

Moving Mountains in Georgia
Visualization pioneer Barco is virtually moving mountains in Georgia! Together with veteran entertainment company Full Spectrum, Barco is animating the world’s largest granite face with sophisticated 3D architectural mapping techniques, depicting a surreal tribute to American history as well as a glimpse of Atlanta’s future.

A Virtual Skin
The newest show at Georgia’s famed Stone Mountain relies on six Barco FLM HD20 projectors to create a “virtual skin” on the 825’ tall granite outcropping, which is manipulated in countless creative ways: animating the civil war character carvings, simulating rocks blasting from the surface with flowing volcanic lava, and lifting the virtual horses in flight toward the awe-inspired crowd. Fed by three Barco High End Systems’ (HES) Axon Media Servers and driven by a HES Road Hog Full Boar console, the projectors’ intense illumination, convenient lensing and modularity are key to creating the edge-blended 3D video projections that virtually simulate a 5,500-inch HD TV screen.

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Technical Genius
The projectors are mounted in a very unique way to match the aspect ratio of the lasers. “By rotating the projectors vertically, we could create three 16x9 projections fields and seam them together with the Axon collage generators to achieve the proper format,” says Steve Carroll, Full Spectrum’s director of business development.

Brightness Is King
“Thanks to Barco, we’ve brought ‘Mountainvision’ to Atlanta, dramatically evolving this well-loved show into the 21st century with incredible special effects,” comments Paul Creasy, president of Full Spectrum and the show’s main conceptual designer. “The extreme brightness and modularity of Barco’s projectors enable us to display the seamlessly integrated imagery over the mountain’s naturally irregular face. Barco’s turnkey system, combining state-of-the-art HD projectors with content-rich media servers and a versatile lighting console, ensures that all components work together with a high degree of reliability, a critical requirement for a ‘live’ show.”

Seeing Is Believing
The addition of the Barco projectors in the Lasershow Spectacular brings the mountain to life in a whole new way. The projectors make it appear as if the mountain is crumbling right before your eyes. “It truly is something you have to see to believe,” according to Gerald Rakestraw, the Park’s vice president and general manager.

Technology And Versatility Converge
The FLM HD20 is an ultra-bright, durable three-chip DLP™ projector with full HD picture-in-picture capabilities. Ideal for large venues that require extra brightness, the FLM HD20 shows clear, crisp images even in a luminous environment. The Axon Media Server provides 1,400-plus stock media clips and features Collage Generator™ and Curved Surface Support. The Road Hog Full Boar combines superior lighting control with versatile programming features, enabling producers to create, manage, edit, and play back lighting and video projections.

Stretching The Imagination
“We appreciate customers that leverage the full capabilities of our projectors to create uniquely stunning shows limited only by their imagination,” comments Chris colpaert, strategic marketing director Pro AV for Barco. “Their artistic ambition is instrumental in fueling our product innovations as we continually strive to anticipate and satisfy the needs of AV producers.”

Creative Team
Paul Creasy, President
Chad Kuney, VP of Operations
Steve Carroll, Dir of Business Development
Chris Koriath, Dir of Operations


6 Barco FLM HD20 Projector
3 High End Systems Axon Server
1 High End Systems Road Hog Full Boar Console
3 Matrix Pro 8x8

16 Renkus-Heinz STLA-9R
16 Renkus-Heinz PLN-102
12 Renkus-Heinz DR18-1R
BiAmp AudiaFlex CM Front End


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