San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Design Team

Auerbach Pollock Friedlander

  • S. Leonard Auerbach, ASTC, IALD, LC, Principal in Charge, Principal Designer
  • Greg Weddig, Project Manager, Sound, Video and Communications Designer

Auerbach Glasow

  • Patricia Glasow, IESNA, LC, IALD, Principal Lighting Designer
  • Yukiko Yoshida, IESNA, LC, Associate IALD, Project Manager, Lighting Designer

Other Team Members

Project Manager: Oppenheim Lewis, Inc.
Architect: SMWM
Historic Architect: Page & Turnbull
Acoustics: Kirkegaard Associates
Programming: Howard Montgomery Steger Performance Architecture
Elec. & Mech. Engineers: Flack + Kurtz Inc.
Structural Engineer: Forrell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc.
Civil Engineer: Rutherford & Chekene
General Contractor: Swinerton Builders
Landscape Architecture: GLS



Auerbach Pollock Friedlander, Performing Arts/Media Facilities Planning and Design, and Auerbach Glasow, Architectural Lighting Design and Consulting, collaborated with the design team of SMWM Architects on the recently opened San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Auerbach Pollock Friedlander provided theatre consulting and sound, video, and communications consulting. Auerbach Glasow provided lighting design for the performance spaces, public circulation, classrooms, and administrative areas. The new facilities are centrally located in the San Francisco Civic Center arts district.

Auerbach Pollock Friedlander’s work included participation in the initial early consideration of expanding the Ortega Street Campus, progressing to the exploration of several adaptive reuse venues and then a due diligence study for the War Memorial Veteran’s Building and International House. This work ultimately led to the realization of the new Oak Street home for the Conservatory.

The broad scope of Auerbach Pollock Friedlander’s work included the planning of the performance spaces and design of seating and theatrical performance systems, such as theatrical lighting, sound, stage lifts, variable acoustics elements, and orchestra riser systems for the 445-seat Concert Hall, the 135-seat Recital Hall, and the 100-seat Osher Salon.

In addition, the firm’s work included all sound, video, and performance communications systems for the performance spaces, studios, classrooms, and recording studio.

The success of these efforts is the result of a strong working relationship with SMWM Architects, the Conservatory staff, and the acoustics consultant. The fusion of traditional performance environments with highly developed modern support systems contribute to a dynamic and inspirational learning facility and complement the historic building and its new contemporary structure. This is most evident in the Concert Hall, which pays tribute to the “Great Ballroom” and yet is equipped with outstanding advanced performance technology.

Auerbach Glasow worked closely with the architects and conservatory staff to meet the unique aesthetic and demanding technical requirements for lighting each space. Special attention was given to the renovation of the historic Concert Hall, intimate feeling of the Recital Hall, and dual lighting systems in the Osher Salon and Recital Hall. Comfort and appropriate light levels were of primary importance in all the rooms, including practice rooms and classrooms. The public circulation areas, especially the three-story atrium lobby, were designed to show off the volume of the spaces as well as finishes and special features.

An integrated architectural lighting control system functions alongside the performance lighting system and allows lighting preset recall for the operation of the entire lighting system by a single operator. The latest technology of sinewave dimming is applied to assure a quiet system with no acoustical intrusion.


Concert Hall Lighting
Lighting Control: Strand Lighting
Lighting Instruments: ETC
Orchestra Lift
Dopple-ganger (two level) | Serapid drive system
Orchestra Risers
Stage Right fold and roll portable risers
Variable Acoustics
J.R.Clancy sound absorption banners | acoustic felt Meco rollers
SVC Systems
Sound Reinforcement: Assisted Listening System

Recital Hall Lighting
Lighting Control: Strand Lighting
Lighting Instruments: ETC
Orchestra Pit Infill
Manual Stage Right infill platform system
Variable Acoustics
J.R.Clancy sound absorption banners
SVC Systems
Sound Reinforcement: Recording Equipment | Assisted Listening System

Salon Lighting
Lighting Control: Strand Lighting
Lighting Instruments: ETC

Stage Platform System
Stage Right portable stage riser system
Variable Acoustics
Manual acoustic draperies by J.R Clancy
SVC Systems
Sound Reinforcement: Assisted Listening System

Auerbach Glasow

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