Major League Gaming 2010 PRO Circuit

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Major League Gaming (MLG) is the world’s largest professional video game league. MLG is the dominant media property exclusively targeting the approximately 40 million consumers in North America who have a passion for playing video games as a competitive social activity, while giving sponsoring brands access to this highly influential demographic.

Now entering its eighth year, MLG’s Pro Circuit is a travelling video game competition featuring the very best players from around the globe as they battle for thousands of dollars and the title of MLG’s top player. Held at convention centers across the US, each competition draws thousands of players and fans and is broadcast in realtime to millions of people online at

For its 2010 PRO Circuit, MLG wanted to provide its competitors with the best possible video quality, while having the ability to broadcast any of the individual feeds live and distribute the video to multiple local monitors—all without any frame delay, sync tearing, or other signal degradation when converting or splitting the signals from the game consoles.

To meet the high production standards of MLG, David Elliott of LubieRocks, Inc., a New York-based provider of event production services, relied on products and support from Atlona Technologies®. Utilizing several of the company’s distribution amplifiers, splitters, and converters, uncompromised signals were fed in realtime to all competitor screens, broadcast feeds, and overhead displays for spectators in eight gaming arenas, as well as the main stage of each event.

To broadcast the 2010 PRO Circuit, Atlona’s AT-HD510VGA PC/Component to HDMI scaler converted the incoming VGA signal to HDMI. The signal was then sent to the AT-HD-3GSDI 3G/HD/SD-SDI converter, which converted the HDMI to SDI for the MLG’s high-end HD broadcasting equipment.

One of the most crucial elements for the MLG Pro Circuit was ensuring that the spectators could see the matches as well as the competitors. To accomplish this, a VGA quad splitter (AT-VGA14) took the signal from the AT-HD510VGA local VGA loop-out connection and distributed it to four large HD displays, creating an environment where any match could be seen from any stage or venue.

When the 2010 Pro Circuit kicked off, all Atlona equipment was in place and working seamlessly. Competitors were not only impressed by the quality of the video but were also amazed that, with so much equipment involved, there was no noticeable difference from their gaming experience at home. The production crew was also pleased with the quality of the broadcast and the ease of use of the Atlona equipment. The 2010 MLG Pro Circuit was a great success, and Atlona will continue to provide solutions and support for MLG and its partners in the 2011 season.

Creative Team
LubieRocks, Inc.
David Elliott, Broadcast Production
Christopher Melito, System Installer

Atlona Technologies
Victor Shklyar, Filmmaker
Kevin Billingsley, Sales Director

Atlona Equipment
AT-HD510VGA PC/Component ro HDMI Scaler
AT-HD-3GSDI HDMI to 3G/HD/SD-SDI Converter
AT-VGA14 1x4 VGA Distribution Amplifier
AT-VGA12 1x2 VGA Distribution Amplifier
AT-HD-V12 1x2 HDMI Distribution Amplifier

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