Grand Avenue Baptist Church

Contracted in the summer of 2010, Paragon 360 is church’s design-build partner of record and responsible for the complete redesign of the space. This included a new modular stage, new audio systems, video, lighting, custom motorized rigging, house lighting (including the custom fabrication of 10 new chandeliers), acoustic treatment, design, and construction of a new two-level control booth and re-designed portable seating.

One of the space’s most stunning elements Paragon 360 created is the custom-built 35-foot graphic wall towers that house a versatile motorized scenic batten. Additionally, two smaller towers hold video screens. Built from Paragon 360’s signature modular stage platforms, the stage allows for complete flexibility. This stage allows them to re-arrange the platform anytime, relocate floor pockets, HVAC vents and cable portholes. The set is replete with 10 custom chandeliers for house lighting and a central decorative tube with LED interior lighting that carries the stage’s look into the room.

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The audio system includes a new Avid Profile mixing system, along with Sennheiser 2000-series wireless microphones and IEM. Show casing the church's choir was a chief request by the church; to accommodate Paragon 360 selected Neumann TLM102 microphones with incredible results. For the main floor coverage, a Tannoy speaker system includes VQ100 speakers augmented by V-series for delays and under the balcony. Mounted together at the center of the sanctuary are four of their dual-18-inch subwoofers. Other upgrades included new processing and amplifiers from Electrovoice as well as all new cabling and Ace Backstage floor pockets.

Created within the room are multiple lighting locations with new circuit distribution throughout—the house dimming system intact. The new lighting positions included two motorized trusses over the stage area for backlight. For stage lights there are over 75 new ETC fixtures with 100 ETC Source Four Pars used for house lighting. Ten CHAUVET® Q-Wash™ 360Z units provide a moving light wash for the stage area. The elaborate stage sets were illuminated with over 40 CHAUVET® Batten 72 Tour linear wash lights and three CHAUVET® Sparklite™ LED drapes. High End Road Hog Console drives the lighting system.

Designed with flexible architecture in mind, the video system provides a brilliant video experience capable of delivering today’s demanding high-impact graphics. The system includes two HD Dalite projection screens as well as two 10K Christie projectors. Plasma screens mounted on the balcony face and stage floor give complete monitoring ability to the pastor, choir, and praise team. The system provides a presentation matrix-switching system by Analog Way, which sends various sources to the main screens and to the monitoring displays such as DVD players, computers, live video, or other sources. Designed to capture the worship experience, is a solid multi-camera production package. A Panasonic HPX-370 Studio configured floor camera with two Panasonic HE-100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras capture the service. A Panasonic HS400 multi-format live video switcher mixes the HD cameras and graphics or broadcast superbly.

Creative Team
Donnie Brawner, Paragon 360 CEO
Ron Robertson, Lighting Designer
Dave Crane, Audio and Acoustics
Brandon Hite, Video and Acoustics
Dwayne Gates, Scenic and Staging Design
Stu Pribil and Dave Loftin, Rigging Design
Mark Coble, Audio System Commissioning
Kevin Bresse, Video System Commissioning
Darren Yazel, Lead Rigger

10 CHAUVET® Q-Wash™ 360Z Units
40 CHAUVET® COLORado™ Batten 72 Tour
2 CHAUVET® Obey 3 Controllers (for booth light control)
6 CHAUVET® LED PAR 38 TRI (for booth lighting)
3 CHAUVET® Sparklite™ LED drapes
1 CHAUVET® Sparklite™ LED controller
4 CHAUVET® Data Stream 4 Opto Splitters


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