Galaxy Entrance Attractions

Design Intent
The Fortune Diamond Fountain and its companion attraction, the Wishing Crystals, were designed to provide a spectacular welcoming atmosphere for the Galaxy/Macau’s guests, whether they arrive through the V.I.P atrium or the day-tripper Lobby.

Although each attraction offers a different experience, appropriate to its audience, they share the same intent: to create a mood of excitement and heightened anticipation for the casino/resort experience.

The Fortune Diamond (Fountain)
Situated between four columns, a two-tiered waterfall fountain sparkles under a magnificent crystal chandelier suspended from a domed ceiling high above. In its passive cycle, beautiful sounds pulse in rhythm to the changing colors of the cascading rings of water.

In its dynamic cycle, the upper waterfall, a ring of water, 32’ in diameter, rises up, as if magnetically attracted by the glittering chandelier above.

With an orchestral crescendo, the waterfall towers 16’ high, as the brilliant colors of the falling waters cycle through the hues of the spectrum, from reds to yellows, to greens, to blues, to violet.

A dramatic beat of silence as the level of the waterfall suddenly falls, revealing a gigantic, perfectly cut, diamond, 22’ in diameter, floating in space, and emitting brilliant light from its many facets.

The diamond floats up toward the Chandelier and when it reaches its zenith, the entire space defined by the columns as well as the surrounding environment shimmers and sparkles in harmonic resonance with the Diamond.

With a new musical cue, the waterfall rises, and the diamond descends transforming into a sapphire, a ruby and an emerald until it is completely submerged. A brilliant flash of light shoots out and the waterfall drops, like a magician’s cape; the Diamond has vanished.

Simultaneously, diamond images and good-luck symbols appear from within the lower waterfall (LEDs), while music, theatrical lighting, and sound effects suggest the jackpot arpeggios that celebrate the lucky winner of an enormous slot machine payoff.

The Diamond is composed of 472 perfectly aligned facets and weighs 4,000-lbs. The challenge of designing the magical appearance and disappearance of such a massive object was achieved through proprietary “illusion technology” that astonishes viewers.

The LED finale required specially designed LED panels that could function in a wet and humid environment.

The Crystal Pool
When guests enter the Day-tripper Lobby, they are drawn to an eye-catching spectacle: six groups of beautiful crystals, in various shapes and sizes, set in a long, mirrored pool that can be traversed by three elegant bridges. The crystals hum and glow, emitting a warm and inviting mood.

The guests’ movements trigger a series of invisible motion-sensor beams, interactive technology that causes the Crystals to change color and create beautiful musical harmonies, so that no matter how many guests are participating, the result is always pleasing. As arriving guests join in, “dormant” groups of crystals are activated adding new musical elements and visual effects that enhance the overall sound/light experience.

When all the crystal are activated, guests experience the totalized unity of light and sound in a magnificent orchestral finale.

Creative Team
Entertainment Design Corporation
Jeremy Railton, Attraction Designer
Edward S. Marks, Producer
John Rust, Show Director/Media Producer
Bob Chambers, Sr. Technical Director
Paul Mirkoovich, Composer
George Johnsen, Video Producer
Chris Stage, Facility Design Manager

Lexington Scenery, Scenic
Technifex, Water and Mechanical Effects
LA Propoint, Rigging
Birket Engineering, Show Control & Audio
Ptarmigan, Lighting Supplier and Integration
Meco Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Macau Chemical, Plumbing

Lighting/Audio Equipment
Philips Vari-Lite VL3500
Philips Vari-Lite VL2500 Wash
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal
Sea Changer Nemo
Martin Professional Atomic 3000
Philips Color Kinetics C-Splash
Diversitronics DK 2000-240
Renkus-Heinz SG81-2R Speaker
Renkus-Heinz 112SUBR Speaker
Renkus-Heinz 121R Speaker
Renkus-Heinz CF121-2R Speaker


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