Excellence Award Nominee: Heat Ultra Lounge

Venues (club or lounge)

Design Team:

  • Nikko Hendi, NKDDI, Project Manager and Lighting Designer
  • Nikko Hendi, NKDDI, Architectural/Interior Design:
  • Matthew Paupst, FBP Group, Lighting Programming/Rigging
  • Dan Agni, Audio Design


Heat Ultra Lounge


Heat Ultra Lounge, in Disneyland’s Resort District, is strategically located adjacent to the Anaheim Convention center and Disneyland. The objective of the venue was to fill a void in Orange County nightlife and give a reason to local club goers to stay in Orange County and not venture out to Hollywood and Las Vegas. The 13,000sq-ft. venue, accommodating 850 guests, in a very luxurious and fluid curved wall design, has now become one of Southern California’s top 10 nightclubs of 2008, according to Los Angeles Times.

Aside from catering to the local club goers and being a special events venue, it also caters to corporate events, due to its close proximity to the Anaheim convention center. To implement and execute the dual purpose of this venue, the design was to be carefully planned so that the architecture, interior design, and lighting design of the venue is esthetically pleasing during the day for corporate events and at night time when it morphs into a high-energy nightclub. Close attention was paid to all details, finishes, textures, and design elements, such as over 1,500 preserved red roses and oversized crystal chandeliers.

The venue’s design has attracted world class DJs and performers such as Tiesto, Christopher Lawrence, Chemical Brothers, Deep Dish, and Ferry Corsten, to name a few. To be able to cater to such international performers as a special events venue, a multi-million dollar Martin Professional lighting package and Funktion One audio system were specified.

The five oversized crystal chandeliers are strategically located throughout the venue as focal points and washed and animated from all angles with Martin Mania SCX700s. In addition to the use of Martin Mania SCX700 and DC1 as ambient lighting, the main entertainment lighting of the venue features Smart MACs over the dance floor and throughout the venue in circulation areas, to wash bar tops and go-go dancers, while the checkered metallic wall covering and glass bead wall treatment pick up all colors of the Smart MACs and become animated. All textures throughout the venue were carefully selected to work in conjunction with the entertainment lighting.

Low maintenance and ease of changing gobos for corporate events made Smart MACs the only logical fixture for the venue. The main control of the venue’s architectural and entertainment lighting system is with the first US install of Martin’s Maxxyz Compact, which, with its expandability, versatility, and ease of use was a phenomenal choice for this venue. Additionally, OLE touch screens are located at all three bars to give control of the lighting to bartenders. The architectural lighting of the venue is via Strand A21dimmer racks, as their convection cooling and space saving characteristics made the racks the dimming solution for this venue.

Selected Gear:

  • 35 Martin Professional SmartMAC
  • 11 Martin Professional Atomic 3000
  • 25 Martin Professional Mania SCX700
  • 10 Martin Professional Mania DC1
  • 1 Martin Professional Maxxyz Compact
  • 1 Martin Professional Maxxyz PC Controller 1
  • Universal USB-DMX Interface Box
  • 4 15" ELO Monitors
  • 1 Rack Mount Computer
  • 1 Martin Professional Maxxyz Playback Module
  • 1 Jem Hydra
  • 2 Strand A21 Dimming Rack
  • 1 NuSalt RGB Laser
  • Kryogenics Liquid Nitrogen (Four Heads)
  • 6 Funktion One Resolution 4
  • 4 Funktion One Resolution 2
  • 4 Funktion One F221
  • 2 Funktion One F218
  • 12 Funktion One F81
  • 8 JBL Speakers
  • 3 Powersoft K10 amplifiers
  • 5 MC2 Audio T2000
  • 6 Crest CD2000
  • 2 Crest Pro9200
  • 2 Pioneer DJM 800
  • 2 Pioneer DVJ
  • 4 Technics turntables
  • 2 Serato Scratch live
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