Cadillac Booth At The 2012 North American Auto Show

With a new vision and redefined business model, General Motors continues to push the boundaries of automotive design to build and sell the best vehicles possible the world over. To showcase their latest achievements and new product lineups, vehicles are put on display on the auto show circuit around the world, allowing consumers everywhere the opportunity to get hands on with the new rides.

At the 2012 North American International Auto Show, BlueWater Technologies brought visual and communication services to help drive the Cadillac brand into the spotlight during this corporate event. Through use of large format displays, LED walls, interactive touch technology, and audio reinforcement, BlueWater helped enhance the Cadillac experience to further educate customers on product features.

The main wall in Cadillac was comprised of 55 4mm Barco NX4 tiles that were built into a custom ground supported configuration. BlueWater provided the tiles, video wall processing, HD playback, cabling and power distribution for the display. BlueWater engineers assembled the wall within the exhibit, and ensured its operation during the length of the event.

BlueWater also provided multi-touch displays for use throughout the Cadillac space, supporting the brand messaging and allowing consumers hands-on interaction with vehicle-specific content including videos and images. At the top of this technology was a bank of three 1x3 touch screen video walls, which created a seamless and inviting surface for its users to explore the world of Cadillac. BlueWater provided nine of the 55” Multi Touch Ltd. displays to achieve the desired impact.

Additional interactive displays included use of five HP TouchSmart devices embedded within Feature Vehicle Kiosks placed next to specific vehicles, a Samsung 46” touchscreen used within an interactive OnStar display within the V-Lab space, two Samsung 46” displays for interactive galleries within the V-Lab space, a 55” LG display with camera to power the CUE Seat Buck display, and two more Samsung 46” touchscreens to complete the double-sided CUE informational display.

Audio support for the Cadillac brand provided by the BlueWater team included the hardware for global background audio, specific narration positions for product specialists, and audio-for-video positions. BlueWater’s audio engineers ran hundreds of feet of cable and installed speakers before any of the structures were built within Cobo Hall. Power, audio processing, wireless microphones and show management were all included to ensure the brand was communicated effectively.

Additionally, BlueWater provided Live Internet service throughout the Cadillac space. BlueWater manages connection of all displays to the internet to ensure proper connectivity, which allows for lead capture, on-site activations, social media integration, and remote update of display information.

Creative Team
Jason Vehar, Senior Account Executive
Glenn Preston, Project Engineer
Mike Golding, Lead Video Engineer
Glenn Preston, Lead Audio Engineer


2 LG 42” M4224C-BA
1 LG 65” M6503CBA
6 HP TouchSmart 23” 600-1055
5 Samsung 46” 460TSn-3 (touchscreen)
9 Multi Touch Ltd. Displays
55 Barco NX4 4mm LED Tiles
Barco DX700 LED Processor
Vista Spyder X20 Switching System
Dataton WATCHOUT Playback
Medialon Show Control

8 JBL SRX712m Monitor
2 EAW 1x18” Subwoofer
4 Shure UHF-R Wireless
8 EAW JFX-88
DaCappo Omni Headset Mics
Yamaha PM5D Digital Console w/wireless
Audio Control Tablet

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