Buick Booth At 2012 North American Auto Show

Helping to put their vehicles out front and center, educate customers on product features and track customer interest on the show floor, Buick partnered with Michigan-based BlueWater Technologies to provide the advanced communication solutions needed to enhance the experience within the booth space at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

BlueWater provided Buick with a number of traditional AV services, such as audio reinforcement, large format and interactive video displays, and a blend of unique digital offerings designed to help manage consumer relationships and create brand excitement.
Video technology within the Buick space for 2012 included two LED video walls, 32” to 65” LCD monitors, and a variety of interactive touchscreen displays. The two large format LED walls were each constructed using 54 Barco i6BK 6mm LED tiles, driven by a Barco DX700 LED processor. Video playback for these walls was handled using Dataton WATCHOUT, Medialon show control and a Vista Spyder X20 switching system. BlueWater provided all labor required to manage the audiovisual setup within this booth – beginning the equipment installation over a month prior to the opening of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

In addition to the two main LED walls, LCD monitors were hung around the booth to help facilitate the transfer of information to attendees and to create aesthetically pleasing design elements that provide a modern twist. A mosaic visual display was created using various sized LCDs, ranging from 32” to 47”, mounted in both portrait and landscape position to create a stunning visual effect that attracted attention to the brand and provided style to help position Buick to a younger target market at more of an emotional level.

The touchscreens in the Buick booth were integrated into different product feature displays, such as the vehicle wheel stands and the OnStar product information tower. All of these were designed to allow customer interaction and engagement, and educating consumers about the new product lineup and product features.

The BlueWater team also provided Buick with Live Internet service, allowing attendees the ability to browse Buick-specific splash pages on the iMacs located within the space. Live Internet provides Buick with connectivity throughout their space to allow remote update of content, allow attendees access to online content, and the connectivity required for the Buick product specialists to capture valuable CRM information through BlueWater’s proprietary lead generation software.

BlueWater’s lead generation & CRM solutions provide product specialists the tools necessary to quickly capture consumer information on the show floor. This information is entered into Android devices and then sent to the Cloud where it is processed and provided back to General Motors CRM team in the appropriate format for lead mining and follow up.

Creative Team
Jason Vehar Sr., Account Executive
Glenn Preston, Project Engineer
Mike Golding, Lead Video Engineer
Glenn Preston, Lead Audio Engineer

4 HP TouchSmart 23”
10 LG 32” M3203CCBA LCD
4 LG 42” M4224CBA LCD
2 LG 47” M4715CCBA LCD
2 LG 52” M5203CCBA LCD
LG 65” M6503CBA LCD w/ IR Touch Overlay
Barco i6BK LED
Barco DX700 Processor
Vista Spyder X20 Switcher
Medialon Show Control

12 JBL SRX712m Monitor
4 EAW 1x18” Sub-Woofer
2 Shure UHF-R Wireless
8 EAW JFX-88
DaCappo Omni Headset Mics
Yamaha PM5D Digital Console w/ Wireless
Audio Control Tablet

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