The Belasco

The Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, California is a 41,000sq-ft. multi-use historical theatre built in 1926. It is located in downtown Los Angeles, near LA Live and the Staples Center. In February 2011, the Belasco Theatre was transformed into a nightclub. The Belasco opened to a capacity crowd March 19 2011 with renowned DJ deadmau5.

Initially, the client had several audio companies demo audio systems in order to choose the appropriate system for this new club. In the end, Rick Boot with 3G Live was chosen to provide the audio system. 3G Live installed a system from d&b audiotechnik that includes loudspeakers and subs from d&b’s Q, E, and B series, as well as D12 amplifiers. The d&b system was chosen due to the quality of the system’s high end and the quality of the subs. To complement the d&b system, the DiGiCo SD8 console was chosen. Early in the installation of the audio system, it was determined that a solution would be needed to keep the vintage windows from rattling and breaking due to the sound pressure levels the sound system was designed to produce. To solve this, a liquid plastic sealing product was coated on all of the glass joints in the windows eliminating the issue.

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During the process of choosing the sound system, Boot suggested that the client consider using projection mapping on the domed ceiling of the historic building. The client agreed, and Danny Whetstone from DWP Live was brought in to provide the equipment and technical support to accomplish the task. DWP Live designed and installed a system that included six coolux Pandoras Box Media Server Pros and eight custom installed Sanyo PLC-HF15000L projectors. The domed ceiling was three-dimensionally mapped and seamlessly blended between the projectors, four on each side of the main floor. The mapping and blending was accomplished using the power of the Coolux Pandoras Box.

The balcony was the initial location for the projectors, but it was soon decided that the projectors were best positioned on the main floor of the venue projecting up at the ceiling. The projectors still needed to be out of the way of the crowds that would be on the main floor. To accomplish this, custom projector mounts were fabricated, and the projectors were mounted to a truss next to the sub cabinets. An additional two projectors create a backdrop behind the stage, and a touch screen using an interface created using the Coolux Widget Designer software controls the entire projection system.

David Flad from Q1 Designs was brought in to design and install the lighting system. The system features conventional and moving fixtures to provide a full range of lighting possibilities. Because of the historic nature of the building and the intricate designs on the architectural elements inside the club, architectural lighting fixtures were also added to the lighting design. Lighting fixtures from Martin Professional, Philips Vari-Lite, ETC, and Philips Color Kinetics were used, and the system is controlled by an MA Lighting grandMA console.

Creative Team
Danny Whetstone, Projection Design, Installation by DWP Live
Rick Boot, Audio Design and Installation by 3G Live
David Flad, Lighting Design and Installation by Q1 Designs


5 Coolux Pandoras Box Media Server
1 Coolux Pandoras Box Media Manager
1 Coolux Widget Designer Touch-screen
10 Sanyo PLC-HF15000L Projector

Digico SD8 with one 56x16 stage rack
BSS London Blue 160/120 backbone
d&b audiotechnik Speaker System
d&b audiotechnik D12 amplification

MA Lighting grandMA Console
ETC Sensor+ Dimming System
22 Martin Professional MAC700 Profile
12 Martin Professional MAC700 Wash
8 Philips Vari-Lite VL3000
12 Martin Professional Atomic 3000
12 ETC Source Four 575W
48 ETC Source Four MFL PAR
42 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast, ColorBlast 6, and ColorBlast 12 Powercore
42 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurst
280 Philips Color Kinetics iColor Cove QLX12


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