Asian Football Cup 2011 City Lighting

An innovative approach to spark interest in the 2011 Asian Football Cup in Qatar was the Local Organizing Committee’s ultimate goal. The committee visualized an ambitious project implanting a sense of enthusiasm within the general public. In light of this brief, what Innovations Unlimited ME offered to the city of Doha for three weeks was truly outstanding: the largest synchronized wirelessly controlled light show in the world, which is still instilled in the memories of Qataris.

Cutting-edge lighting, projection, and wireless technologies allowed IUME to brighten the West Bay of Doha with large-scale image projections of the AFC theme on 10 of Doha’s skyscrapers and lighting of 25 prominent buildings, illuminating a total of 48 building facades.

While creating the creative concept for this event, IUME kept referring to its aim for delivering “innovative” awareness campaigns and opportunities to engage the general public in the football fever. The lighting concept therefore was derived from the five colors corresponding to the five stadiums deployed for the matches. Video and still images projected on buildings relayed latest results and upcoming games contributing to the overall branding for AFC.

Coverage of the surface of three buildings of 7,500sq-m. with foil to guarantee crisp image projections posed a significant challenge, which was managed by the invention and use of a unique roll-up system. The process of finding the right location for equipment, managing obstacles hampering signals, and maintaining a consistent wireless networking link suitable for accurate synchronizing was another logistical puzzle, which, with the creation of peculiar wireless networks, was skillfully solved. Therefore, the equipment was pooled at a central point from where the synchronized lighting show was controlled. A shift-based model for the 100 members of the crew assured efficiency allowing them to complete installation within 10 days.

The following words from the client reiterate the success of the overall event:
“It was a pleasure working with Innovations Unlimited on the 2011 Asian Football Cup project. IUME with its truly innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology made Doha’s skyscrapers sparkle/ glow with light and projections making the project the largest wireless controlled light display in the world.” —Mr. Hilal A. Al-Mohannadi, Communications and Marketing Director, Local Organizing Committee: AFC Asian Cup – Qatar 2011

Innovations Unlimited ME (IUME
IUME is a Qatar-based company of creative, dedicated and energetic people delivering innovative solutions in the fields of event management and lighting throughout the Middle East.

Creative Team
Markus Jordan, Concept Creator
Steffen Brandt, Lighting Designer
Daniel Steffe, Production Manager
Joe Gruber, Lighting Programmer


110 Martin Professional MAC 2000 Wash XB
30 Martin Professional MAC 2000 Wash
44 Martin Professional MAC 600 with Wide Front 65°
40 Griven Kolorado 2500 MK II
35 Studio Due Citi Color 1800 HMI
35 Studio Due Citi Color 2500 MSA
35 Studio Due City Beam 1200 MSR
38 Space Cannon Ireos Pro 7K

Projection 27 PANI Projector

4 Barco XLM HD 30 Projector

Wireless Control
3 Wicon Access Concentrator
25 Wicon Wireless Client
25 Art-Net Node


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