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Excellence Awards 2016

Videotron Center Opening Festivities

Last September, Quebec City experienced a historic moment with the inauguration of the new arena, the Videotron Centre. On the cutting edge of technology, the centre cost $400 million. Quebec City and Quebecor, the building manager, decided to celebrate this important event for a whole week.

BlackOut Design gave life to the building with a lighting design that made the centre visible from everywhere in town, giving citizens a signal that the celebrations had begun. Highlighting the new amphitheatre helped everyone to geographically position the building in relation to their position in the city, a massive column of light going to the sky made by 12 space cannon 7000W created this strong visual reference.

The architectural concept of the centre is based on nordicity, inspired by squalls of snow and ice. We reinforced this concept by creating bright abstract paintings of snow storms and winter lights. A system, created specifically for the event, generated a fog out of the building’s roof, thus creating an extreme cold winter atmosphere. The installation of this multimedia system required sharp planning in order to get the equipment to difficult places on and around the building. A temporary fiber optic network was set up to distribute the signal to all lighting and video equipment. 

On September 12th, an impressive multimedia experience created by Blackout design enlivened the crowd during this unforgettable ceremony. The latest technologies in projection and lighting design were used to convey the Nordic spirit of the building by imaging the different functions that the Videotron Center could be used for.

80000 lumens of video projection and a hundred intelligent lighting projectors gave texture and color the entire space. The amount of time available for the installation and testing was short and gave the team a hard time because the construction of the building was tight on schedule. The installation of our project was done at the same time as the building was being completed.


The opening of the Vidéotron Center is marked in the collective memory of the people of Quebec with the luminous magic of BlackOut design.


Building illumination client :: Expocité

Opening ceremony client :: Québécor

Building illumination design :: BlackOut design ( )

Imersive multimedia experience design :: BlackOut design ( )


Building illumination

  • 4 Christie digital 20000 lumens
  • 12 Space cannon 7000W
  • 24 Vari*lite VL4000 spot
  • 12 TMB Flare
  • 12 Antari M5
  • 2 GrandMA lite
  • 1 Coolux media manager STD
  • 4 Coolux media player PRO

Imersive multimedia experience

  • 4 Christie digital 20000 lumens
  • 24 Vari*lite VL4000 spot
  • 16 Vari*lite VL4000 beam wash
  • 12 Vari*lite VL3500 spot
  • 24 Clay Paky Mythos
  • 20 Clay Paky B-EYE K20
  • 64 Chromlech Jarag
  • 12 Lycian M2 follow spot
  • 1 GrandMA full
  • 1 GrandMA lite
  • 1 Watchout manager
  • 4 Watchout player

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