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Excellence Awards 2016
VeeamON 2015  Multi Image Group Drew Bosarge, Director of Photography, MIG
<p>VeeamON 2015 - Multi Image Group</p>

VeeamON 2015

Veeam came to Multi Image Group with a very specific creative request: to develop, create, and execute an electrifying immersive experience, that planted and reinforced the event’s key message. To pull off this vivid 360-degree journey, MIG strategically employed some of the most innovative technology at its disposal, including 3D image mapping the entire ballroom, spectacular 3D video animations, LED & laser lighting effects, CO2 cannons, foggers, surround sound music, and more!

The client: Veeam is a company that helps organizations meet recovery time and point objectives of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data through a fundamentally new kind of solution that delivers: high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility. Founded in 2006, Veeam currently has 37,000 ProPartners and more than 183,000 customers worldwide. In short, Veeam’s growth is exploding into the stratosphere!

The event: VeeamON 2015 – the world’s premier data center availability event, which took place in Las Vegas at the ARIA Resort & Casino on October 26 – 29, 2015.

The second event for Veeam, and the first time partnering with Multi Image Group, Veeam came to Multi Image Group (after the ARIA production team was unable to handle the complexity and magnitude of their vision) with a very specific creative request. They asked MIG to develop, create and execute the most electrifying opening tone and message setter its attendees (data center software and software engineer managers) have ever experienced, all while reinforcing the event’s key message: Veeam offers a guaranteed solution to back up any organization’s data no matter the scale.  

VeeamON Projection Image Mapping - Multi Image Group

To bring this compelling message to life, the client asked MIG to create a futurist, sci-fi assault on the audience, not only to drive home their message of innovation, but to also playfully tie into the upcoming release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Using the storyline (created by the client) as our foundation, all of the world’s data centers are crashing and need to be backed up by Veeam’s software, we created an opening WOW-factor that took attendees on a journey from outer space to inside a spaceship, to saving the world’s data from extinction, to the dramatic introduction of the event’s keynote speaker! To pull off this 360-degree immersive journey, we used every innovative technology trick in the book such as: projection mapping 220 linear feet of the ballroom via a media server, 3D video animations, dual wide screen graphics, custom set pieces, overhead circle trusses with beacon lighting, LED, and laser lighting effects, CO2 cannons and foggers, star strobes, fiber optic star panels – and an accompanying sound track that blew attendees out of their seats!

VeeamON Multi Image Group Image Projection Mapping

As for the result, we’ll leave it to the quote of one attendee’s Twitter post: “Man that was quite the intro!” as the tweets piled in surrounding the event hashtag VeeamON2015, generating over 1,500 impressions across social media platforms. The event was a monumental success for Veeam Software, transformational for its attendees, and we’re excited to announce that this experience solidified Multi Image Group as Veeam’s partner of choice for the next event.  We can’t wait to see what journey we will send VeeamON attendees next! See you soon #VeeamON2017!

The MIG Team On This Project:


  • Shawn Basore, Executive Producer
  • Scotty Fusion, LED Technician
  • Kyle Rea, Technical Director
  • Eric Roth, Animator (Creation of Image Mapping Sequence)
  • Siana Pentcheva, Graphics Designer (3D Modeling)
  • Tyler Lukey Graphics Designer (Storyboard & Graphic Print Elements)
  • Wes Burd, Audio Engineer
  • Neil Rejc, Video Technician
  • Lon Hendershot, Visual Designer
  • Jeff Reeks, Senior Director of Technical Production
  • George Kelly, Senior Video Editor
  • Edward Gonzalez, Senior Audio Engineer
  • Derrik Venarchick, Senior Audio Engineer
  • Dave Hill, Senior Director Video Technology
  • Bill Dennis, Video Engineer, Technical Director
  • Cody Lucas, Set Shop Welder
  • Jason Rosenstock, Master Electrician
  • Jeff Monuszko, Lighting Director
  • Megan Flannery, Production Coordinator
  • Pete Davila, Video Engineer

Key Equipment Used By The MIG Team:

  • Christie 20K HD projectors for Projection Mapping
  • 3D Video Animations/Models
  • LED Lighting
  • LED Panels = Martin LC 2140 (40mm)
  • Laser Lighting
  • Beacon Lighting
  • Movers = Martin Viper, Clay Paky Sharpy, Maritn Quantim Wash fixtures
  • CO2 Foggers
  • C02 Cannons
  • Haze Machines
  • Star Strobes
  • Fiber Optic Star Panels
  • Audio = JBL VTX –V20 mains, JBL VTX -S25 & JBL- G28 Subs 
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