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Excellence Awards 2016
Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour

​At the direction of world class production designer, Baz Halpin, Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour was an aesthetic gem. TAIT fabricated the most talked about gag on Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour - the massive 100 foot long, moving propeller runway. As stated by, "Taylor Swift's '1989' World Tour is engineered to be the best night of your life, and it is."

As shown below, it raised to 16 feet in the air and rotated 360 degrees over the audience. The runway was able to rake/ramp with a single performer standing at the top, on a counter raked platform, with a 3 foot dial turntable at the tip. While raked, the propeller could also track downstage toward audience members. Its engineering, width and length, safely permitted for numerous dancers to perform atop it while it continuously rotated.

TAIT also fabricated a custom scenically painted main stage with TAIT 9mm LED panels embedded in the rises of the staircases.

TAIT Navigator controlled two performer lifts, performer flying winches and nav hoists in the air.

To film performers atop the propeller lift in the show, TAIT developed the NavCam - a new wireless, battery-powered, high definition 3D flying camera system. Controlled by TAIT Navigator, the NavCam system is able to load in and load out as fast as everything else on the tour.

Arthur Kemish, the production manager, executed the tour flawlessly. While TAIT was involved in the above, he managed additional moving parts, including lighting, sound, and content. Arthur ensured that the stage breakdown and set up from one arena or stadium to the next was done efficiently.

Design Credits

Production Manager: Arthur Kemish

Production Designer: Baz Halpin

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