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Excellence Awards 2016

Symphonie Hivernale

An impressive kinetic production design for an orchestral night!

BlackOut Design joined the famous teams of Carnaval de Québec and Gestev to create a big launching event named Symphonie Hivernale. The show aimed to bring together popular artists with an orchestra and a choir to create a unique moment.

BlackOut Design created the production design of this event that was also meant to be a fundraiser for the carnival. With this in mind, BlackOut Design needed to be creative to find impactful ways to make a memorable experience. Our solution was to design a central captivating object that could evolve and move throughout the show. This element was a kinetic grid of intelligent lights. With this impressive set-up, we were able to create a fusion between the orchestra & the band; sometimes simulating a sharp wall that created a distance in between them.

The vision for the stage was to create a monolith of ice, like an iceberg, that would float with the sound of the orchestra. To create this, we built a diamond shaped white stage that overlapped in the front of the orchestra's stage and positioned the band that played with them. The choir was installed on each side on some huge steps, allowing them to create two surfaces for lighting projection.

A huge lighting surface was used as a backdrop to create different effects coming from rear projection video; everything from saturated lighting washes, to stroboscopic movements. We were able to create different depths with this surface, helping to show or hide the orchestra depending on the mood of the song.

BlackOut Design also created custom video content for different songs throughout the show. Based on the thematic of the event and inspired by the aesthetic of the artist, the multimedia team created stunning visual environments.

For the top hit song of the artist, a rain of flashing white pixels dropped on the crowd to bring the show to the next level. The effects were sponsored by Videotron and made possible by Pixmob and were a hit with the crowd.

The perfect choreography of all the different mediums during the show was the key to the success. The balanced gradation from start to finish combined with the good timing of each effect has always been BlackOut Design's main focus for creating a show.

SYMPHONIE HIVERNALE from BlackOut design on Vimeo.


Client : Carnaval de Québec

Producer : Gestev

Production design : Blackout design ( )


  • 10 Christie digital 20000 lumens
  • 12 Vari*lite VL4000 spot
  • 20 Vari*lite VL3500 wash
  • 99 Vari*lite VL2500 spot
  • 49 Clay Paky Sharpy
  • 6 GLP X4
  • 10 Martin Atomic 3000 Color
  • 12 Color Kinetics Coloblast 12 RGB
  • 2 GrandMA full
  • 3 GrandMA NSP
  • 1 Coolux media manager PRO
  • 6 Coolux media player PRO
  • 4 Tour Lift Hoist 1 ton
  • 1 Raynok Imperium Console

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