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Excellence Awards 2016
Omnia Nightclub Kinetic Chandelier

Omnia Nightclub Kinetic Chandelier

Famed production designer, Willie Williams, who TAIT has worked with on numerous entertainment tours, created and designed the Omnia Chandelier in Vegas. Williams’ innovative creation was initiated with a 2D drawing. From there, TAIT manufactured and engineered the chandelier. It is the largest permanent installation of its kind in a nightclub. 

The sheer size, look and ever-changing movement has garnered mass international attention.

It is operated by TAIT's proprietary automation system, TAIT Navigator, which ensures safety, reliability and motion control. This chandelier is a permanent installation, yet, it's effect creates an experience beyond stationary. The automation system controls the lighting, video and speed (in unison) which provides a unique experiential and sensory experience for the audience. The movement and lighting of the chandelier enhances the club experience by creating internal variability. It allows the patron to be in one place, but feel as though they are in a different environment throughout the night. The rings can descend and rotate into multiple, programmed configurations, just as the lighting can strobe and highlight based on the theme of the evening. TAIT Navigator controls these inputs which allows every night to be a different experience. With the ability to lower the chandelier just above the audience's heads or raise the chandelier to its highest level, the vibe of the room can be altered from intimate to concert-like.

TAIT Fun Facts:

TAIT's kinetic chandelier features 8 concentric rings, accented with scenic elements and integrated LED product. The stunning installation provides an ever-changing visual display within the Hakkasan Group’s OMNIA nightclub. 

TAIT provided full integration of the lights, winches and control system. The rings can descend and rotate into multiple, programmed configurations, as controlled by TAIT's Navigator Automation System.

The largest lighting ring is approximately 9.8m in overall diameter and is split in individually articulated halves. The smallest lighting ring is approximately 0.8m.

20,152 individual tri-color LED pixels are integrated into the chandelier cladding. There are a total of 357 crystals on the center 3 rings,102 of which are internally lit with 2,448 individually addressable LED pixels. 51 moving head lights are embedded in two separate chandelier rings.

The total weight of the chandelier is 5,897kg. There are 21 winches within the ceiling grid system allow the rings to effortlessly move through the space, moving at 1m per second.

Design Credits

Designer: Willie Williams

Architect: Rockwell

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