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Excellence Awards 2016

Elevation Worship "Here As In Heaven" Live Album Recording 2015

In July of 2015, Elevation Worship set out to create a unique and groundbreaking worship experience with the recording of their latest live worship album and concert film, "Here As In Heaven."

Elevation Worship filled Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina for the second year in a row, this time to capture their newest live album and concert film, “Here As In Heaven”. The event marked a milestone in the ten-year-old church’s history, with people traveling from all over the country to experience the one night only event. The event was made possible through the help of Elevation Church’s faithful volunteer teams, as well as AVL support from Special Event Services based in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

The centerpiece of the rig consisted of three concentric rings, supporting a package of 53 Clay Paky Mythos and lined with 138 Winvision 9mm LED tiles. Two of the rings were equipped with ½ ton variable speed motors, driven by a Kinesys automation system and programmed on sight. The automation system allowed the designers the capability of varying the rig throughout the fourteen song set list to give each song a unique look.

Additionally, twelve Mythos were distributed on the deck for backlight, and eighteen Clay Paky A.Leda K20 B-eyes running in full pixel mode were utilized side stage for additional band and crowd light. A combination of Martin Mac Viper Profiles and Viper Wash DXs were used for front light. Content for the LED tiles was driven by a Green Hippo V4 “Boreal” media server. All lighting and media control was handled by two Grand MA2 Full Size lighting desks, one as primary and one as tracking backup.

One of the many challenges that come with an event like this is working within a tight timeline. Of the three days in the arena, the majority of time was used for load in and troubleshooting, which left minimal time for programming and rehearsals, especially for the scale of the event. Pre-programming was a necessity, and was done in WYSIWYG weeks prior to the event by lighting designers Andy Bentley and Kyle Shirley. WYSIWYG allowed the designers to simulate the B-eyes pixel mapping and beam shaper capabilities where necessary.

Because the worship event was being captured for film, good crowd lighting was a high priority for the video crew. The combination of Mythos and B-eyes allowed the designers to keep the audience a large part of the concert film, without sacrificing the ability to create a variety of unique looks. Everything from clean textures, to wide washes of color, to extremely tight beams; it was all possible, even while staying within a very tight budget, and the results look just as good on film as they did in person.

“Here As In Heaven” by Elevation Worship can be purchased everywhere music is sold, and videos from the event can be found at and on YouTube at

Design Team 

  • Lighting Design and Programming: Andy Bentley, Kyle Shirley
  • Production Manager: Brian Poole
  • Technical Director: Zach Kimrey
  • Content Designer: Brock Gregor

Gear List 

  • 65 Clay Paky Mythos
  • 18 Clay Paky A.Leda K20 B-eye
  • 12 Martin Mac Viper Profile
  • 6 Martin Mac Viper Wash DX
  • 2 MDG The ONE
  • 2 MA Lighting grandMA2 Full-size
  • 138 WinVision 9mm LED tile
  • 1 Green Hippo v4 “Boreal”
  • 13 Liftket Kinesys ½ ton motor
  • 1 Kinesys Vector control system
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