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Excellence Awards 2016
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Education First 50th Anniversary Gala

Port Lighting Systems immerses guests in a 360 degree, 512' wide x 31' high projection screen for the 50th Anniversary of Education First, "The World Leader in International Education".

While Boston was enduring two blizzards resulting in record-breaking snowfall, preparations continued for the 50th Anniversary of Education First (EF). EF, "The World Leader in International Education", focuses on language, academics and cultural experience, employing a staff of 40,500 across 107 countries.

Michael Wasserman envisioned the guests of the Education First (EF) 50th Anniversary completely immersed in environments and locations key to EF's success throughout their evening. Port Lighting Systems thought 360-degree large-scale video embodied Michael's vision perfectly. Kyle Stetson and Steve Bearse designed the 512’ wide x 31’ high surround screen and overhead lighting package to fit in the Hynes Convention Center. Vectorworks 3D rendering provided a view of the room that enabled Port to determine maximum screen size and exact trim heights of all of the trusses in the venue -with the goal of obstruction free projection. To create a seamless 360-degree experience, the screens were designed with a custom framing system.

During the main dinner course, guests enjoyed the panoramic views of eight EF-inspired locations ranging from Shanghai to the Alps. The imagery on the screen was driven by four d3 Servers (Ice 9 Productions). The d3 Servers also brought in feed from seven camera sources to include iMag feed for the keynote and the performances.  The 360-degree projection and iMag allowed every audience member to experience the content equally and from the comfort of their seat.

Coordinating with the video, hundreds of lighting cues, through the use of color and texture, transformed the room from the warmth of the rainforest to the frigid peaks of the Alps.  The lighting rig was designed to be efficient in fixture quantity, yet still have full coverage of the room, aisles and stages with individual looks. The tables, which were made of custom frosted plexiglass covered in white satin fabric, were underlit with two Cube Echo battery LEDs - allowing the tables to change with the screens.

The evening included performances by various local and international acts.  The show opened with a gospel choir singing on the center circle stage and transitioned into a kids hip hop troupe, who danced along to previously shot video of international EF employees dancing. Later in the evening, twelve acrobatic aerialists performed a routine reaching a height of 25 feet in the air - the Pegasus system individually controlled the height and speed of the winches the aerialists were suspended from.  Down lighting and strategic video content were used for the aerialists to avoid obstructions on the screens. The evening concluded with a high energy Bollywood performance by Priyanka Chopra that included a choreographed light show and eye candy content on the large screens.

The collaboration of multiple production and labor companies allowed this show to be hung and focused in a short amount of time in order to be ready for the tight rehearsal schedule.  These wide screen format screens provide Port Lighting’s clients a chance to brand and message in an immersive environment.  Port would like to thank the many technicians, riggers and performers who could not all be named in this limited character post.  You all did an amazing job!

Production Staff

            Producer: Michael Wasserman (MWPI, inc.)

            Creative Director: Art Corriveau

            Production Designer/Technical Director: Kyle Stetson

            Production Manager: Kevin Fuller

            EF Director of Editorial: Jeff Sias

            EF Video Producer: Brian Lemieux

Lighting and Screens: Port Lighting Systems

            Lighting Designer: Steve Bearse

​            MA2 Lighting Programmer: Tyler Trofatter

            Screen Installation Supervisor: Rolando Torres

Additional Equipment: Mainlight Industries

Projections: Ice9 Productions

            Video Project Manager: Matt Geiser

            Video Director: Bill Lawler

            D3 Programmer: Kyle Bjordahl

Rigging Equipment/Labor: JCALPRO, inc.

            Rigging Supervisor: Russ Jones

            Rigging Crew Chief: Pat Ryan

Aerialist Rigging: Flying by Foy

            Aerialist Rigging Supervisors: Andrew Wilkinson (USR), Joe McGeough, Perry Fertwig

            Aerialist Rigger: Dan McGeough

Gear (partial):

Martin Fixtures:

            (52) MAC III Performance

            (48) MAC 2K Wash XB Beam

            (5) Mac Viper Profile

            (8) Mac Aura

            (8) Mac 101 RGB

(24) Robe Pointe

(6) Clay Paky Sharpy Wash

(16)  Ultratech Ice Jet Cryo

(200) Eternal Lighting Cube Echo

(2) MA2 Full Size

(2) MA2 NPU

(4) D3 4x4 Media Servers

(24) Barco HDF-W26 Projectors

(4) Muslin cyc - 31' h x 128' w (custom by RoseBrand)

(12) DW-V2 lift winches

(1) Pegasus control console

Nominate a project for the tenth annual Excellence Awards here, before March 1!

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