ESTA Unveils Fog Standard-Drafting Pfoject

The Fog & Smoke Working Group, part of ESTA's Technical Standards Program, is starting work on a new standards project, BSR E1.23, Entertainment Technology — Design and Execution of Theatrical Fog Effects.

The standard is intended to offer guidance on the creation of atmospheric effects using glycol, glycerin, or white mineral oil fogs or mists in theatres, arenas, and other places of entertainment or public assembly. It will address the planning and execution of theatrical fog effects to avoid problems from excessive exposure to the fog materials or from the obscuration of hazards or safe paths of egress. In addition, the standard is intended to help avoid nuisance triggering of fire detection systems.

People and organizations that might be affected by the development of the standard are invited to become involved in the project by joining the Fog & Smoke Working Group or by offering comments when the draft document is ready for public review. Information about getting involved in the Working Group is available at or can be obtained by contacting Karl G. Ruling, ESTA's Technical Standards Manager at [email protected]. Membership in ESTA is not a requirement for membership in the Fog & Smoke Working Group or for participation in any public review.