ESP Vision 3.0 Shown At LDI 2008

ZZYZX, Inc. is proud to announce the next generation in its lighting pre-visualization software with Vision 3.0. Being shown for the first time at LDI 2008 in Las Vegas, Vision 3.0 has a number of new features that have been requested by the lighting community. Most significant is Vision 3.0’s ability to run natively on the Mac OSX without the need for Parallels or Bootcamp. Vision 3.0 is a true native Mac version of ESP Vision. Flexibility in its development allows it to run on any system running Mac OS X 10.4.1 or greater, and any video card that supports OpenGL 1.4 or greater. This includes both Intel chipsets and legacy Motorola chipset Macintosh computers, including the Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and PowerPC computers.

“As the lighting industry continues to embrace Apple technology, it became imperative for us to continue to develop products to meet the needs of our customer base,” says ESP Vision’s marketing director, Alan “AJ” Jesse. “In addition to the Mac compatibility, Vision 3.0 contains a number of other requested enhancements, showing our dedication to the lighting community world-wide.”

Additional enhancements to Vision 3.0 include the addition of User Preferences, allowing users to choose between Imperial and Metric display settings, Cut/Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo functionality, improved navigation, true full-screen, and continued improvement over Vision 2.3’s performance enhancements.