Which Envision Speaker Worked With Tim Burton And Steven Spielberg?

Alex McDowell

Which Envision Symposium speaker worked with Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg? British production designer and film producer, Alex McDowell will speak at the 2014 Envision Symposium, which explores the DNA of Storytelling, Design, and Technology on September 11-13 in Monterey, CA, with Bran Ferren and Bob Bonniol serving as co-creative consultants. Register today to hear him speak! Learn about this speaker below.

The disciplines we touch when we work are becoming inextricably linked, but crucially it is clear that the engine that drives us towards the horizon continues to be content—like noisy kids in the back seat, storytelling, narrative design, and the worlds we build make demands of technology that ultimately determine its course. - Alex McDowell

Alex McDowell is an award-winning designer and storyteller working at the intersection of emergent technologies and experiential media. He is founder and creative director of 5D Global Studio, where he and his team design immersive story worlds for industries and institutions. He is a Professor of Practice at USC School of Cinematic Arts. As director of USC World Building Media Lab at the school, McDowell and his interdisciplinary students collaborate to build immersive worlds for storytelling across multiple platforms. The WbML was awarded the prestigious Future Voice Award at the 2014 Interaction Awards in Amsterdam. He also leads the USC 5D Institute, a renowned multi-disciplinary knowledge space. He is recipient from George Lucas of the William Cameron Menzies endowed chair in production design.


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