Which Envision Speaker Founded Opera Del Espacio?

E. M. Gimenez

What Envision speaker founded Opera Del Espacio? E. M. Gimenez will speak at the 2014 Envision Symposium, which explores the DNA of Storytelling, Design, and Technology. This high-octane symposium will be held September 11-13 in Monterey, CA, with Bran Ferren and Bob Bonniol serving as co-creative consultants. Register today to hear him speak! Learn about this exciting speaker below.

New tools for storytelling are constantly being developed... The problem lies in the fact that those tools aren't created for storytelling but for some other application... Our job is to identify those emerging technologies and synthesize the experiences that will shape the future. - E. M. Gimenez

E. M. Gimenez is a Los Angeles based sound and video designer who shifts comfortably between theatre, opera, concert and spectacle design. From projects as ambitious as the site specific headphone opera Invisible Cities to smaller and more intimate performances like The Poor Dog Group's Satyr Atlas, his mad scientist approach to design has continually explored the possibilities of melding existing consumer technology with innovative storytelling to forge a new path for experimental and modern performances.  Mr. Gimenez is a founding member of the Los Angeles site specific performance art ensemble Opera Del Espacio, and holds degrees from Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music and CalArts.


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