Butch Allen Gets Real About Storytelling


How does that apply to me?  I had to ask myself that question when I was invited to the Envision gathering.  Well - other than the fact that I am full of stories amongst many other sordid things, ha!  Seriously though - where do I fit in here? After some head scratching, the reason to attend became simple, clear, and engaging.

Here we go:  Producers, designers, artists, writers, musicians, film makers, technicians, inventors, directors, choreographers, engineers, programmers, humans:  it's what we do.  We tell stories.  Every single day.  We attempt to tell our stories, or are enlisted to help someone else tell theirs.  But basically (insert dramatic pause) that's our passion, our drive, our fire.

I sit in my office every day, and struggle with my part of the process, and we all know what a struggle that can sometimes be.  Sometimes ideas flow like water - sometimes that same water turns to ice.

Take the chance and step out of your frozen tundra to see how these outside the box STORYTELLERS get it on. 

Look at the list of speakers, and what they/we/everyone is scheduled to discuss: http://www.envisionsymposium.com/env14/public/Content.aspx?ID=1058187

I'll wait while you click through.  I know, the internet is slow today.  It's cool.  Take your time. 

You're back?  That wasn't so bad now was it?  I didn't think so either.


When you look at the participants’ lists of credits it's fu*#kin' drool-worthy right?  I still shake my head in disbelief that I was even included.  Thus, I say show up, and be included.

Honestly-you can sit slack jawed staring at your phone all day hoping to be the first person to see some new breakthrough viral clip, new gadget, groundbreaking use of a new technology or - you can come to the conference and meet the folks who are actually making the things you are starving to see.

It's all about ideas. It's all about the dream of what the future might bring. It's all about how will we incorporate these amazing tools into our part of the stories we hope to tell.  Let's get together and talk about it - it's gonna be fun (in its own odd big brained, super thinky kinda way).

Collaborate, share, dish, blab, mind meld, brain drain, think tank, run your mouth, give it up, connect, exchange, network, schmooze, absorb, question, elevate, mock (you know I'm gonna), participate, use poor punctuation, stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!

Oh yeah-and register.

By the way - Monterey, CA. is mind blowingly beautiful.  I can't imagine a better setting.

Keep living the dream y'all.


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