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Marquee lighting control consoles use a Graphic User Interface (GUI), much like a personal computer, instead of a text-based DOS user interface. The display clearly and accurately shows what each dimmer, fixed light, and automated luminaire load is doing. Based on Microsoft Windows XP Embedded secure operating software, both the Marquee and the Marquee ILC are last-action tracking consoles that will run a live performance on the fly, operate as a conventional preset desk, and provide support for palettes and other automated lighting functions. If a user requires more power, more channels, or more sophisticated control of automated lighting, the consoles are upgradeable via an Internet connection. Features include an installed media player, Internet browser, email, CD drive, USB/Ethernet expansion ports, and PDF reader. The consoles are ACN- and RDM-ready, as well as Ethernet, DMX512, and Pathport supported.

Entertainment Technology
Dallas, TX
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The Avab Congo is designed for theatre, broadcast, club systems, and special event lighting including concerts. Recently used for the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast in Kiev, Ukraine, the consoles controlled 300+ moving lights, 200+ conventionals, and 16 media servers, among other devices. Complete with a theatrical-style main playback fader pair, 40 multipurpose Masters for group, submaster, effect and additional sequence control, 40 Direct Selects, and a dedicated moving lights control section, the hardware is suitable for any playback situation. Over 200 moving-light templates and 30+ Dynamic Effects are provided within the console, with the ability to build and edit on the fly.

Middleton, WI
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The Hog® iPC from the Wholehog® family of control systems is the industry's first hybrid console. It is a full-featured lighting controller with an integrated PC motherboard running Windows XP Embedded. As part of the Wholehog 3 family, it operates using Hog 3PC software and is also backward compatible with the discontinued Hog 2PC software. The console comes standard with two external 12" touch screens, four universes of DMX output, Timecode input, MIDI input/output, internal hard drive, internal CD-RW drive, and five USB connectors. All programming capabilities are the same as the Wholehog 3 Operating System. Users can network with other Hog iPC consoles, Wholehog 3 consoles, and Hog 3PC computers. It is suitable for concert tours, theatres, nightclubs, cruise ships, churches, corporate shows, and other entertainment-oriented events.

High End Systems Inc.
Austin, TX
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The grandMA is the largest console in the grandMA range. It is an operator's console with three high-contrast color touch-screens, two external monitors, and 60 playback groups per page (20 with motorized faders). It has a built-in keyboard, mouse and trackball, and four parameter encoders. It is scalable and will run up to 64 universes of DMX though the MA-NET network utilizing the Network Signal Processor. LEDs are handled via the Bitmap Engine and Bitmap Effects. Users can visualize a show on the free grandMA 3D software in addition to the suite of offline pre-programming software available. The console also now features a full Blind Editor. Also available is grandMA — the DVD. It explains, step-by-step, how to program grandMA consoles.

A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
Agoura Hills, CA
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The Maxxyz was designed for touring, theatre, TV, special event, and even club applications. Features include: fast processing power, direct fixture access, a powerful effects generator, USB, motorized faders, quality touch screens, along with SMPTE/VITC/LANC/MIDI timecoding. New features include: digital LCD buttons, flexible programming; built-in 3D Visualizer; and multimedia, to name a few. Along with the eight DMX universes available directly from the console, it is also fully Ethernet enabled. The console has recently undergone a series of significant updates, including a complete PATCH revision, an overall speed upgrade, extended Preset functions, extended Copy commands, a number of Chase command revisions such as Chase Tap Sync/Learn timing, Chase Multipart timings, and Chase directions. An adaptable Playback Wing expands the console's functionality.

Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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The Emmy® Award-winning Virtuoso® DX2 console provides control of automated fixtures, digital lighting media servers, and conventional instruments. The front panel is designed for all programming situations, with illuminated buttons and displays readable in any lighting condition and viewing angle. The dual processor Power Mac G5 running Mac OS X provides a graphical interface for visual control of media servers via thumbnail images. The console includes eight integrated DMX universes and supports over 700 universes with the addition of external Ethernet Virtuoso Nodes. The system also includes a fully integrated 3D programming environment, real-time status display, inhibitive submasters, track and fill editing, and features an offline editing program that allows pre-programming and touch-up of all show data. The Virtuoso DX2 has been used in a variety of applications from concert touring to live television, theatre, trade exhibits, corporate meetings, sporting, and special events.

North Bergen, NJ
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The Vector family includes three fully compatible models — Red, Blue, and Green — designed for touring, theatre, and television lighting applications. The low profile, independently adjustable touchscreens, integrated desk lights, and motorized faders are among the unique aspects of the physical design. The hardware is based on two processors, one running Windows XP Embedded version (for user-interface, multimedia, and archiving), and the other running VxWorks (a networked, real-time operating system designed to be used in a distributed environment). This unique architecture offers the interface and capabilities of a desktop PC, along with the reliability and speed of an industrial control system. Vector was recently used by LD Bryan Hartley to program and run over 50 shows of the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Compulite Systems
Wallingford, CT
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Applied Electronics is the exclusive American importer of the LSC maXim line of lighting consoles. The touch sensitive PaTPad controller allows instant access to any attribute of up to 36 moving lights and enables features such as palettes, presets, and individual attribute characteristics, such as timing and triggers. Features include a built-in effects engine; comprehensive fixture library; two scene preset and playback interface; fully proportional softpatch out to 512 (1,024) output channels; 25×7 dot matrix LED display that shows scrolled messages for effective reporting; electronic labeling function for naming Scene, Chase, Stack, and steps of Stacks; and Stack playback master and effects buttons for full control of sequences. All features of the maXim are identical across the line, with six models available: 24 fader MAX/S to 120 fader MAX/XXL.

Applied Electronics
Newport News, VA
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The newest member of the Show Designer family, the Show Designer-2CF features a built-in Compact Flash Drive. Users can store the entire memory of this 1,024-channel DMX controller on one 64MB Compact Flash card. Suitable for concerts, stage productions, and clubs, it has two universe outputs that can control complete presentations in two separate rooms or areas. It controls up to 48 fixtures (up to 32 channels each), with 1,152 programmable chases, 4,752 programmable scenes, 1,152 programmable shows, and 1,152 programmable presets. Keyboard input allows scenes, chases, and shows to be named using a standard computer keyboard. It comes with a large preprogrammed library of DMX fixtures. Additional features include: Effects Engine, joystick for pan/tilt, Scene Preview with “Go” feature, Pile On Mode for multiple scene playback, eight faders that can control 32 DMX channels, and an 80-character backlit LCD display. Software updates are available online. The unit is rack mountable (six spaces).

Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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REGIA 2048

Regia 2048 consoles are used in concert, theatrical, and entertainment settings. They feature a combination of clear, user-friendly control panels, a constantly updated OS, and sturdy hardware. WYSIWYG CE is included with each console. The three different options, Pro, Opera, and Live, offer three different levels of complexity for control. All three consoles feature 2,048 DMX channels, four independent DMX lines, full compatibility with WYSIWYG CE, a shape engine, motorized A/B masters, unlimited multi-part cues, and internal power backup. The Regia Live also features a touchscreen panel.

Orlando, FL
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Featuring a major new design, the Vista dispenses with touchscreens, keypads, and number crunching, employing a pen and tablet/LCD for control over every aspect of a show. The console incorporates a timeline that illustrates what's happening in the design: when lights come on, when they go off, when they change color, and so on. It also features a generic fixture model that simplifies changing fixtures. When you make a change, the console compares the two lights and works out how to adapt, even if the new light doesn't have the same feature set. And for the operator, it provides splittable fader banks, user-definable buttons, and assignable encoders.

A.C. Lighting
Toronto, Canada
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The Leprecon LP-X Series consoles are designed for programming moving lights and conventional dimming for concert and live events, corporate events, production, theatre, and houses of worship. The consoles support a touchscreen monitor. The LP-X24 with 512 DMX channels and the LP-X48 with 1,024 DMX channels both feature an extensive built-in fixture library, 20 pages of preset playbacks with extensive cue lists, CBIF presets with individual fade times for each attribute, Effects Generator, and separate Cue Stack memories with hold and fade times. Standard features on both consoles include VGA, keyboard and mouse interface, and two dimmable Littlite work lamps.

Hamburg, MI
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The Frog 2 can control up to 2,048 channels of DMX and is fully Ethernet enabled. It offers multiple cue stack playback, comprehensive palette selections, and effects libraries. The use of macros allows for the automatic programming and playback. For busking in live environments, there are 2,000 user-definable buttons and 1,000 faders that can be assigned to control anything from a single channel to a group of fixtures to a complete memory. Using macros, these controls can be loaded from a memory or from a cue stack. Feedback is provided via two monitors and an onboard touch screen. It is also possible to display up to nine different sets of information simultaneously and to define specific user views. Storing shows is possible on either a USB memory stick or using the built-in CD writer. Three USB ports allow for use of a variety of accessories. It is possible to operate the console while it is in its flight-case base.

A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
Agoura Hills, CA
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The TL-5024 is a compact console offering softpatch with multiple pages, cue lists, scene and chase memories, programmable fade times, and live scene control. It is suitable for theatre, worship facilities, touring, nightclubs, and other live stage applications. Features include a “Go” button for scene cue, Fade In/Out control for cues, audio sync for chase patterns, chase fade time control, a dedicated house master fader, “Grand Master” fader, blackout function, and a backlit LCD display for status and programming. Lightronics offers a five-year warranty on all products.

Lightronics, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA
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Diamond 4 is available in two models: D4 Vision and D4 Elite. The D4 Vision is design-ed for large-scale shows, festivals, concerts, events, and multi-purpose venues. Its new processing engine ensures faster response times and seamless selection and running. A new programming panel allows entry and selection of fixtures and palettes by number, while the electronic palette gives entry by legend. These entry systems can be mixed in any way. Additional new features include the Command Syntax, which allows replaying of the last entered button presses and the storing of these for later use; and the storing of Times within a Palette, expanding the ability to use Palettes during live performances. The D4 Elite console is streamlined to offer the maximum power and functionality in minimum space. It is encased in a smaller, lighter chassis, complete with 14 submasters and 96 assigned playbacks, with direct access to 96 fixtures or cues via the re-assignable Preset Playbacks.

Avolites America
Powell, TN
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The Millennium console is used primarily in theatre applications and is available in 24/48 and 48/96 models with up to 500 control channels. The console also includes an additional group of 500-plus channels dedicated to moving lights. It operates on an embedded Windows XP operating system. The current design includes an optional wireless remote focus using a pocket PC, remote video, and is compatible with WYSIWYG. It is Ethernet-compatible using ArtNet and Pathport systems. The basic console provides 600 cues, 10 pages of 24 submasters, 2,000 macros, 500 groups, and an offline editor function.

Allentown, PA
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ShowCAD Artist show control system now manages from 512 to 32,000 DMX channels output, utilizing Ethernet or USB. Artist implements WYSIWYG, MIDI, DMX In, RS232, digital and analog input/output protocols, and reads SMPTE, MTC, and timecode from CD, DVD, MP3, and more. The system features setup wizards, automatic scene generation functions, and multimedia interfacing. Comprehensive matrixing, color mixing, and crossfading features simplify LED fixture control. ShowCAD Artist club installations are Avalon New York City, Avalon Hollywood, Fabric London, Hippodrome London, and Manumission Ibiza. At the StratoFantasia extravaganza in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, lasers, video, lighting, and sound were all cued or controlled by Artist. In some 50 Chicago Rock Cafés and Lloyds No. 1 venues in the UK, systems can operate unmanned, with cues changing automatically in sync with Artist's Real-Time Clock. Trial software can be downloaded free of charge, as well as tutorials, a demo, and pricing information.

ShowCAD Control Systems Ltd.
Dorset, UK
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