Excellence Awards 2014

Walmart Shareholders' Meeting 2013

The Walmart Shareholders' Meeting showcased the latest projection mapping technology to impress over 15,000 attendees.

The Walmart Shows and Event Team tasked Drury Design Dynamics with providing an innovative and sleek look, using the latest technology in the industry that would not only impress the 15,000 attendees in the audience, but seamlessly convey the message and brand to the massive web audience of over 100,000 viewers across the globe.  The production team at Drury Design Dynamics delivered a solution that was “outside the box” from the typical flat corporate stage and scenic pieces, designing a multi-panel, tiered backdrop that measured 140’ from edge to edge, and 60’ at the highest point in the center. The resulting event design acted as a blank canvas to showcase the eye popping visuals, stunning graphics, and video that were projection mapped onto the set piece to convey the Walmart brand and messaging to the live audience and global viewers.

The colossal backdrop was made of white muslin fabric on a steel frame, divided into 12’ 3D panels, some of which would move up and down throughout the show to accommodate the top notch schedule of presenters and musical acts coming on and off the stage. The design of the backdrop allowed visuals to be mapped into every aspect of the surface, creating an amazing 3D effect and large depth of field for the audiences, and the shape allowed for the set to take on different unique looks throughout the course of the program.

In addition, the event was split across two venues, the Bud Walton Arena and Barnhill Arena in Arkansas, and consisted of three general sessions: the Shareholders Meeting; US Associate Meeting; and International Associate Meeting; as well as two concerts. The International Associate Meeting took place at the Barnhill Arena simultaneously to the US Associate Meeting at the Bud Walton Arena, and had the same setup and design as the main arena, but on a smaller scale to allow the audience an identical experience but able to showcase their unique content and material relevant to their meeting.


Drury Design Dynamics worked with LMG, Inc. to provide a video mapping technology solution to accommodate each of the venues, and provide the live audiences, as well as the online audience a never- before-seen visual experience for a corporate event. To accomplish the projection for the massive scenic backdrop, LMG used four Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors (in each of the venues), a new super bright 40,000 lumens product that was able to provide the intensity to accommodate the large scenic design and compete with the lighting and other onstage elements. LMG provided two Coolux Pandora Box Media Servers to accomplish the projection mapping in each of the venues.

In addition, for content projection to support the presentations, a main center widescreen was used throughout the week in front of the mapped scenic display, and would fly in and out on motors as needed, as well as two rigged center screens flown above the stage for the upper arena seating, and outboard screens above the left and right sides of the stage.

Photos: The International Associate Meeting (bottom photo) took place  simultaneously to the US Associate Meeting (top photo), and had the same setup and design as the main arena, but on a smaller scale to allow the audience an identical experience.

Partial Equipment List

  • (8)  Barco HDQ-2K40 Projectors
  • (8)  Barco FLM HD20 Projectors
  • (11) Barco HDX 18K Projectors
  • (2)  15' X 26.5' Front Projection Screen
  • (2)  12' X 21.25' Dual Vision Projection Screen
  • (2)  Barco RLM W8 HD WUXGA Projector
  • (1)  9' X 12' Rear Projection Screen
  • (1)  Barco Encore System
  • (2)  Coolux Pandoras Systems
  • (5)  Pandoras Servers
  • (2)  Grand MA 2 LITE Consoles
  • (2)  Snell and Wilcox Switching Package
  • (11) Thomson LDK-6000 Worldcams
  • (26) Folsom Image Pro HDs
  • (2)  Mac Pro DDR Packages
  • (13) AJA KiPro Digital HD/SD Disc Recorders
  • (1)  HD/SD HI-Definition Switcher Side Car

Project Design Team:

  • Chris Drury, President & CCO, Drury Design Dynamics
  • Katharyn Pinder, Project Lead, Drury Design Dynamics
  • Tony Castrigno, Set Designer, Design Contact
  • Greg Cohen, Lighting Designer, UVLD
  • Cameron Yeary, Pandora Designer, UVLD
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