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Excellence Awards 2015
Shogyo Mujo Adobe MAX 2014

Shogyo Mujo Adobe MAX 2014

At Adobe MAX 2014, Master projection designer, Bart Kresa, successfully projected over 30 original animations onto a 12-foot version of a skull developed by Josh Harker and fabricated by Paul Quilter and Arc Stone Design. BARTKRESA Design developed hours of meticulously animated artistic content to seamlessly wrap around every surface of the skull.

Using various techniques such as hand sketching and hand painting to produce the artistic content. Artists used the new 3D features of Adobe Photoshop to carry out the complex task of texture mapping the 3D Skull. BARTKRESA design created over 30 original animations, as well as an extensive set of real time looks that added an additional layer of interactivity to the night. A custom program was developed using Derivative’s virtual development platform to run the projections in Touch Designer using iPads, iPhones and MIDI interfaces as input devices for creating live artistic interaction with the skull.

The main challenge of the installation was creating a 360-degree seamless projection. Early on we experimented with different templates so the entire team could create content with their different skill sets. It was a constant back and forth work between 2D to 3D and tools like Element 3D for After Effects, Derivative TouchDesigner and Photoshop which were all a great help. Bart Kresa also worked with an extended team of graphic designers and animators from different parts of the world to create traditional 2D designs and illustrations while converting them to 3D art using Adobe software.

Kresa’s team tested various materials, paint surfaces, and scales to see what would work best visually before developing the large-scale version. Paul Quilter and Arc Stone Design fabricated the 12foot version of the skull in less than a month. It was constructed from foam with a hard coating shell. This project was originally conceived as a temporary installation for Burning Man but still lives on for future installations in 12foot form.

Shogyo Mujo used four Christie WU14K-M WUXGA DLP projectors, and additional eight Roadster HD18K 1.080 DLP HD projectors were used to accent the nearby tents during the Adobe Max Conference.

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