Nike Court

(Oliver Correa, Hi Fi Collective)

Nike Court

Nike needed an activation to launch their newest collection of apparel and footwear, but in a way that would appeal to such a wide yet specific audience. Nike Brand Management called upon production glue to execute their exclusive experiential tennis activation, The Nike Court. At its core, The Nike Court is the real life embodiment of the ideas behind the Nike Court collection: disruptive, powerful, and yet seamlessly integrated with the past. In terms of scale, The Nike Court measured 25 feet tall, 70 feet wide, and 120 feet long, with the full court and accompanying areas built on 10,000 square feet of space. Composed of a full-size regulation tennis court, two Nike brand locker-rooms, a formal entrance, amphitheater seating for guests, and swag area, the activation epitomized both the worlds of performance and lifestyle. To achieve the disruptive environment that Nike strives for, pristine white lines were painted on the court as homage to Nike design legend Tinker Hatfield. Apart from the simple color scheme of 3 colors (white, grey, and black), the fourth color, green, was only visible through the unique LED tube lighting installation attached to the net, programmed to chase and strobe, showing the pulse and energy of the space to those inside and out of the environment.

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Built in downtown New York City in only eight weeks from start to finish, and with no media leading up to the actual reveal, the Nike Court appeared as a complete surprise for the week of the U.S. Open. Before Nike Court was open to the public, a group of influencers were invited for a private party to reintroduce the Nike Court to the world. From that first night, the once-secretive Nike Court went public through organic social media and New York City couldn’t get enough. In commemoration of the first year Nike launched its collection for tennis in 1995, the Nike Court would be open for 95 hours of continuous play in a move that has never been done before by Nike. Open to anyone with a Nike+ account, the court could be reserved for a match with a friend, rival, or even legend anytime during those 95 hours through a microsite via Twitter. By allowing players on the court throughout the night, Nike Court in many ways became an installation within itself, reflecting the tirelessness and drive of all those who step out onto the court.  Even a number of famous tennis stars such as Andre Agassi and Serena Williams stopped by to test out the impressive court for themselves! Lastly, to engage fans and friends who couldn’t make it to Nike Court, production glue integrated a state of the art photo booth via The Bosco, in which visitors could create “shareable moments” by producing photos and GIFs that highlighted the fun and exciting environment Nike Court created.

Equipment List: 

  • 13 4-Light Blinder Squre
  • 8 4-Light Linear Blinder
  • 24 Chauvet Colorado
  • 11 Griven Kolorado MK3
  • 4 S4 26
  • 10 S4 50
  • 84 S4 PAR MFL
  • 48 S4 PAR NSP
  • 48 S4 PAR WFL
  • 140 iColor Accent Tube 4'
  • 1 Madrix Server w/ Pixel Map

Design Team: 

Nike Design Team

  • Damian Bulluck
  • Paul Chang
  • Greig Bennett (Environment Design)

production glue Design Team

  • Tom Bussey (Executive Producer)
  • Jack Hilley (Technical Producer)
  • Allison Zullo (Scenic Design)
  • Marilyn Duellman (Graphic Design)
  • Seth Bernstein (Lighting) 

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